Here are 9 Best Countries to Get a Job for Filipino OFW

Best Countries for OFW are destination Countries that provide job opportunities, higher salaries, and better quality of life for Filipino OFWs. The 9 Best Countries for Filipino OFW are The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.

As of 2020, the estimated population of OFWs is 1700000, which is about 1.6 percent of the total population of the Philippines. These numbers comprise 1013200 (59.6%) women and 686800 (40.4%) men.

Filipinos mainly work abroad to provide a better future for their families. They remit their salaries back to the Philippines through Western Union so they can buy a decent house and enroll their kids in better schools.

OFWs are hard-working, smart, resilient, and have unique work ethics. Also, Filipinos are willing to do tedious jobs that other foreign nationals are not willing to do and they can deal with harsh bosses to keep their jobs abroad. This is why you can find Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) working in extremely hot or cold weather Countries.

best countries to get jobs for filipino ofw

Are you an aspiring Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who wants to work abroad? Below are the Best Countries that employ OFW.

1. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Saudi Arabia is the leading destination country for Overseas Filipino Workers. Filipinos get a job in Saudi Arabia as Nurses, Engineers, Salespersons, Accountants, Housekeepers, Hotel Managers, and Restaurant Managers.

Saudi Arabia has the highest population of OFWs, about 500000 (26.6 percent) of OFWs are working in KSA. Filipinos receive their Salary in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Rial. Depending on the currency exchange rate, One Saudi Rial is equivalent to 15.50 Philippine Pesos.

Saudi Arabia is located in Western Asia and its capital is Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has an estimated population of 36947025 people as of 2023.

Saudi Arabia is located 7,944 KM (4936.17 Miles) west of Manila Philippines. From Manila, by air, it will take approximately 10 hours and 35 minutes to get to Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia’s economy is highly dependent on Fossil Fuel production and export, Mining, Real Estate, Agriculture, and Automotive.

best country ofw saudi arabia


2. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is another overseas destination for Filipinos to work abroad. UAE is the second country with a high population of OFWs, about 250000 (14.6%) of OFWs are living and working in the United Arab Emirates.

In UAE, OFWs get jobs in the fields of Engineering, Accounting, Hotel and Restaurant, Information Technology, construction, Healthcare, household, and Sales. Filipinos receive their Salary in Dirham. UAE’s official currency is the UAE Dirham. One UAE Dirham is equivalent to 15.90 Philippine Pesos, depending on the currency exchange rate.

United Arab Emirates has an estimated population of 9516871 people as of 2023. The country’s capital is Abu Dhabi but its most popular city is Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates is located 7063 KM (4388.74 Miles) west of Manila, Philippines. From Manila, by air, it will take 9 hours and 25 minutes to reach Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The United Arab Emirates’ economy relies on Fossil Fuel production and export, Manufacturing, Retail Services, Tourism Services, Air Transportation, and Banking and Finance Services.

best country ofw dubai uae


3. Kuwait

The State of Kuwait is another country in the Middle East that is a go-to for Filipino OFWs who want to get a job overseas. Filipinos work in Kuwait as waiters, drivers, domestic workers, engineers, technicians, managers, chefs, cooks, and salespersons. The population of OFWs in Kuwait is 113000 (6.4%).

Filipinos working in Kuwait receive their salary in Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). Kuwait’s official currency is the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). One KWD is equivalent to 188.00 Philippine Pesos depending on the currency exchange rate.

The State of Kuwait is located 7,636 KM (4744.79 Miles) west of Manila. From Manila, by air, it will take you 10 hours to reach Kuwait City.

Kuwait’s capital is Kuwait City. The country’s population is 4.7 million as of 2022 which consists of 1.9 million Kuwaiti citizens and 2.8 million foreigners.

The leading industries that drive Kuwait’s economy are petrochemicals and natural gas, banking and finance, agriculture, and steel manufacturing. Kuwait is self-sufficient when comes to food, and steel.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, one of the tiger economies of Southeast Asia and the financial hub of the world, is another destination for Overseas Filipino Workers. Its de facto capital is Victoria City. The population of OFWs in Hong Kong is about 111000 (6.53%).

The jobs of OFWs in Hong Kong include house helpers, Engineers, Software Engineers, analysts, musicians, and managers. Filipinos working in Hong Kong receive their salaries in HK Dollars. Hong Kong’s official currency is HK Dollar. One HK Dollar is equivalent to 7.41 Philippine Pesos depending on the currency exchange rate.

Hong Kong’s population is 7498100 people according to Census and Statistics Department at

Hong Kong is located 1118 Km (694.69 Miles) Northwest of Manila Philippines. From Manila, you can reach Hong Kong in about 2 hours and 25 minutes by air.

Based on, Hong Kong’s economy relies on its 4 key industries including financial services, professional and producer services, tourism, and trading and logistics.

best country ofw hong kong


5. Qatar

Qatar is another destination country for Filipinos who want to work as OFWs. The population of OFWs in Qatar is 96000 (5.65%).

Filipinos get jobs in Qatar in the fields of Hospitality, Health Care, Engineering, Maintenance, and Sales. Such work includes but is not limited to a nurse, driver, household worker, sales executive, teacher, carpenter, cook, technician, and engineer.

Filipinos working in Qatar receive their salary in Qatari Rial. Qatar’s official currency is the Qatari Riyal. One Qatari Riyal is equivalent to 15.98 Philippine Pesos, depending on the exchange rate.

Qatar is located 7,312 KM (4543.47 Miles) west of Manila Philippines. From Manila to Doha, it will take 9 hours and 30 minutes by airplane.

Qatar has a population of 2716391 people in 2023 comprising about 12% Qatari Citizens and 88% Foreign Nationals. Qatar whose capital is Doha has always been on the list of richest nations in the world for the last 20 years. As of August 2022, Qatar is the 4th wealthiest country in the world and ranks 1st in the Middle East region.

Qatar’s economy relies on its Oil and Gas Industry, Steel production, Finance, and Ship Repair Industry.

best country ofws qatar


6. Singapore

Singapore, one of the fourth tiger economies of Asia, is another destination for overseas Filipino workers. The population of OFWs in Singapore is 94000 (5.529%).

Filipinos get jobs in Singapore in the sectors of healthcare, hotel and restaurant, Information Technology (IT), engineering, manufacturing, construction, and household services. Filipinos working in Singapore receive their salary in Singapore Dollars. Singapore’s official currency is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). 1 SGD is equivalent to 41.31 Philippine Pesos, depending on the currency exchange rate.

Singapore is located 2394 KM (1488 miles) southwest of Manila, Philippines. From Manila, by air, it will take 3 hours and 45 minutes to get to Changi International Airport.

Singapore has a population of 5.45 million people, 1.45 million of which are foreigners.

Singapore’s economy thrives on the banking and finance sector, manufacturing sector, tourism, and logistics sector.

7. Taiwan

Taiwan is another leading job destination for Overseas Filipino Workers. The population of OFWs in Taiwan is estimated at 85000 (5.00%).

Filipinos find jobs in Taiwan as factory workers, caretakers, domestic helpers, ITs, and Engineers. Filipinos working in Taiwan receive their salary in Taiwan Dollars. Taiwan’s currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). One (1) New Taiwan Dollar is equivalent to 1.82 Philippine Pesos, depending on the exchange rate.

Taiwan is located 1,011 KM (628.21 Miles) North of Manila, Philippines. From Manila, Taipei is 2 hours and 15 minutes away by airplane.

Taiwan’s capital is Taipei. The population of Taiwan is 23,923,276 people in 2023, 780000 of which are Foreigners.

Taiwan’s economy relies on the semiconductor Manufacturing Industry, services industry, and agriculture industry. Taiwan supplies over half of the microchips in the world through its leading semiconductor company TSMC.

8. Japan

Japan is another top job destination country for Filipinos. The population of OFWs in Japan is 62000 (3.6471%).

Filipinos find jobs in Japan as engineers, care workers, nurses, factory workers, farmers, construction, food processors, technicians, and English Teachers. Filipinos working in Japan receive their salary in Yen. Japan’s currency is the yen. 1 yen is equivalent to 0.39 pesos.

Japan is located 2,950 km (1833.05 Miles) northeast of Manila, Philippines. Manila to Tokyo is about 4 hours and 5 minutes by airplane.

Japan has a population of 123294513 people in 2023. Japan’s capital city is Tokyo. The country’s economy relies on its manufacturing sector, agriculture and fisheries, and tourism. Its automobile manufacturing industry is the third biggest in the world. Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest in the world in terms of wholesale fish and kinds of seafood.

best country ofw japan


9. Australia

Australia is another top job destination country for Filipinos because the country has jobs for skilled expats to help their economy to continuously progress. The population of OFWs in Australia is 60000 (3.5294%)

Filipinos get jobs in Australia as IT, computer programmers, educators, preschool teachers, automotive technicians, engineers, miners, nurses, and medical doctors. Filipinos working in Australia receive their salary in Australian Dollars. The country’s official currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD). 1 Australian Dollar is equivalent to 37.27 Philippine Pesos, depending on the currency exchange rate.

Canberra, Australia is located 6286 KM (3905.94 Miles) southeast of Manila, Philippines. From Manila, it will take you 7 hours and 55 minutes to reach Canberra by airplane.

Australia has a population of 26,473,055 people in 2023 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Its capital city is Canberra but its most popular city is Sydney. Australia is the 6th biggest country in terms of land size on the planet and the 12 biggest economies in the world.

Australia’s economy is diverse, it has mining, finance, manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture.
best country ofw australia

What is the Best Way to get a Job Abroad from the Philippines?

The best way to get a job abroad from the Philippines is by applying to DMW (POEA) accredited recruitment agencies. Filipinos should visit the DMW website at to browse the list of job openings offered by recruitment agencies and apply directly to them.

Should Filipinos apply to Manpower Agencies that do not collect placement fees?

Filipinos should apply to manpower agencies that do not collect placement fees to save money. They can use their savings for other expenses such as rent, clothing, and food when they start working abroad.

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