How to Check CSC Room Assignment for Civil Service Examination

CSC Room Assignment, also known as ONSA, is the classroom number, school name, and school address where the examinees will take the Civil Service Examination. ONSA is the acronym for Online Notice Of School Assignment. The Civil Service Commission, also known as CSC, releases the room assignment from a few days to 12 days before the examination date to inform the examinees about the specific venue for their test.

To check the CSC Room Assignment for your Civil Service Examination, visit the website of CSC, then tap the Online Notice Of School Assignment (ONSA) link. Input your information in the Web Form and tap the Submit button to view your Room Assignment. Below are the 3 steps to check your room assignment on the CSC website.

Step 1: Visit the CSC Website then go to ONSA

The official website of the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines is Open your web browser and type the mentioned URL on the address bar then hit enter on your keyboard.

On the homepage, scroll to the bottom until you see “Quick Links,” underneath tap the ONSA (Online Notice of School Assignment).

onsa csc room assignment

Step 2: Fill Out the Required Information

On the Online Notice of School Assignment Page, fill out the Web Form. Input in the given fields your Last Name, First Name, Extension Name (if any), Middle Initial, and Date of Birth.
Afterward, tap the respective dropdown menus to select your Date of Examination, Type of Examination, and CSC Regional Office. Tick the box to accept the CSC Privacy Policy and tap the “Submit” button.

fill out onsa web form in csc

Step 3: View your Room Assignment in CSC

Your Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) is in PDF format. The notice informs you that you have been admitted to take the Civil Service Examination, Pen and Paper Test (Professional, or Subprofessional Level), and the date of your examination.

You will also view on the ONSA the details of your Room and School Assignment including the Room Number, School Name with location map, and School Address.

Read carefully and double-check the details o written on the PDF copy of your CSC room assignment.

What should I do once I know the CSC Room Assignment?

Once you know the CSC Room Assignment, you should visit the venue prior to the testing day.
Determine the modes of transportation that you will use to get to the test venue efficiently. This will help you to be prepared on the actual test day.

Measure the travel time to get to the testing venue from your place of origin. Doing so will help you know when you should leave your place on the test day. The Civil Service Commission reminds examinees to report to their respective room assignments at 7:00 AM for the preliminary activities.

How to Apply for Civil Service Examination in CSC?

To apply for the Civil Service Examination in CSC, a candidate must fill out the CS Form number 100, prepare all the requirements, submit the requirements, and pay the examination fee at the CSC Service Commission branch office.

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