Daniel Padilla Albums and List of Popular Songs

The male lead star of ABS-CBN TV series Got to Beleive, Daniel Padilla so far has released three albums (or total of 28 songs). The first is a self titled album “Daniel Padilla,” its an EP released on May 2012. It has the carrier single – “Hinahanap-hanap Kita” which was used as the official soundtrack of TV series “My Princess and I.” It also received positive feedback from the listeners by making it consistently occupies the top 5 charts of local radio stations during that time. The self titled album has sold 8000 copies in just one week from the release date and managed to turn platinum having 15000 copies sold in within one month.
daniel padilla EP cover

Here is the complete tracklist of Daniel Padilla (EP)
1. Hinahanap-hanap Kita
2. Pagsubok
3. Paniwalaan Mo
4. Ako’y Sa ‘yo, Ika’y Akin
5. Prinsesa
6. Grow Old with You

DJP is the second album and first full length studio album from the teen king, it was released on April 2013. This is a record breaking from Daniel Padilla as the album had sold 20,000 copies (platinum) in just one day and reached 40,000 sales (double platinum) two days after.
daniel padilla DJP cover
Complete Tracklist of DJP
1. Binibini
2. Ipagpatawad Mo
3. Kisapmata
4. Kumusta Ka
5. Kung Saan Ka Masaya
6. Naaalala
7. Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahay
8. Panalangin
9. Sabay Natin
10. Sisikat Din Ako
11. Diskarte (bonus track)

Daniel Padilla’s third album dubbed as “I Heart You” was released on April 2014. The album has 11 songs and runs for 41 minutes. “I Heart You” is its carrier single.
daniel padilla I Heart You coverComplete Tracklist of I Heart You
1. I Heart You
2. Sana S’ya Na
3. With a Smile
4. Ewan
5. Everything
6. Sa Aking Piliping
7. Langit Na Naman
8. Walang Iba
9. In My Life
10. Next in Line
11. It Might Be You

*Details from Wikipedia, and iTunes. You can buy Daniel Padilla singles and albums at mymusicstore.com.ph, Odesseylive.net, iTunes, and in participating record bars in the Philippines.

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