Daniel Padilla gives his Mother an 8 Bedrooms Dream House

Daniel Padilla finally gave his mom Karla Estrada her dream house. It’s a 500 square meter, 8 bedrooms, modern Mediterranean style home. What’s noticeable in the house is its number of chandelier which is found in the main parts of the latter such as in the living room, kitchen, and dining area.

Daniel’s mother, Karla Estrada acts as the interior designer of the house. She shared that she dreamed of having a chandelier ever since she was a child. Furthermore, she told that having the house is a dream that literally came true.
daniel padilla dream house pictureAccording to reports online, it cost Karla Estrada and Daniel 3 years of savings to build the house. It was rumored to be worth Php 40 Million (approx 824,000 USD), but the former dismissed the issue. She told that the amount is not true and people should not believe it.

Moreover, she explained that the size, value, and beauty of the house do not matter. What’s more important is the story behind how their dream house has turned into reality.

Also in the interview, Daniel has shared that he no longer wants to keep on renting. He wants his siblings and relatives to be comfortable in a place they can really call their own. The reason behind this is that he does not want the feeling when the landlord evicts them from the rental property anytime and without notice.

Watch the sneak peek video below courtesy of ABS-CBNNews

“Gusto kong nakikita yung mga kapatid ko, yung mga kamaganak ko na comportable sa lugar na alam naming na amin na di ba.”
“Ayoko ko nung rent kami ng rent, tapos parang anytime pwede kaming paalisin.”
Ayoko ng ganung feeling kasi naramdaman ko yun dati.” The teen king shared.

This is a very inspiring story for Daniel Padilla. There are many reasons why DJ is very blessed. One of it is he loves his family very much. He also knows the value of money and where it should be spent. More power to you DJ and to your fans.

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