Davao Taxi Driver: I don’t need your MyPhone, I have an iPhone

The story of a Davao Taxi Driver’s response to his previous passenger who left her phone inside the cab is becoming viral on the social sharing site Facebook. I saw this article in my timeline and somehow I became curious about it.

Apparently, there is some sort of plot twist in the story that you are about to find out. After reading the story of the driver based on the narration of the netizen.

As narrated by passenger Maria Irene, the previous passenger has left her smartphone inside the cab of a taxi driver in Davao. Maria was riding the said cab when the phone rang, she then picked it up and gave it to the driver and requested him to answer it.

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The honest driver agreed to return the smartphone by meeting the previous female passenger in a mall. However, the latter keeps ringing her phone.

According to Maria, the driver seemed pissed at the previous passenger until such time he told that he does not need her myphone because he has an iPhone 4 given by his son. There is no detail about the MyPhone model. Read the whole story below.
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Taray Davao taxi driver incident earlier today: So apparently the previous passenger left her phone in the cab. Phone rang, I gave it to the driver, told him to answer it. Female voice on the other end. Driver agreed to return it but said that he still had a passenger (me) and that we were on our way to the airport. End of phone call. Ten seconds later, phone rang.

Driver reiterated that he will return phone to Robinson’s, where he dropped the passenger off. End of phone call. Fiver seconds later, phone rang. Driver didn’t pick up. It rang again and again… and again. Driver seemed to be pissed at this point.

When it rang again, driver answered and said in vernacular: Madam, Davao taxi drivers are honest. When I said I will return it, I will. Just don’t pester me right now because I have a passenger and I don’t want to appear unprofessional. Besides, I don’t need your Myphone, I have an iPhone 4 given to me by my son who’s a seaman and another phone from GrabTaxi!

The story was shared by Facebook user NeFoi NeFarious NeFrology on Inday Sara Duterte Facebook page on October 25, 2014.

The story is now viral as the post already has 8000 likes, 2500 shares, and 600 plus comments in favor of the Davao taxi driver and of the city government. According to Wikipedia, Davao City is the fourth populous city in the Philippines and the first in Mindanao. Yet, Davao City is listed as the fourth safest city in the world.

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