Dead Toddler Came Back to Life at Her Funeral in Zamboanga Del Sur (Video)

A three year old girl which was declared clinically dead, came back to life during burial ceremony in the church in Aurora town in Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines.

girl came back to life in her funeral

According to news report, the 3 y/o girl was declared clinically dead by a doctor from local clinic (Lagare Clinic) since the girl is unconscious and unresponsive on Friday morning caused by an illness.

At 1pm of the next day (Saturday), the toddler’s family send her to church for the burial ceremony but during the ritual, the girl reportedly moved her head and open her eyes. The parents also find pulse in her.

Watch the Actual Video below

The video was making rounds on Facebook. It was originally uploaded by FB user Catherine Romanaso on Sunday (July 13,2014). As of the writing, it already received 24,747 shares.

Update: GMA News released full report about the incident

The family plans to send her to bigger hospital to receive treatment. As of the moment the girl stays in their house with her parents.

*Credits to Catherine Romanaso, ishareyoushareweshare and GMA 7 for the details

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