Delivery Hotline Numbers of Fast Foods in Metro Manila Complete List

Here’s the ultimate list of delivery hotline numbers for Jollibee, McDonald’s, Chowking, KFC, Greenwich, Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut, Shakeys, and other fast-food chains in Metro Manila, Philippines. I also included in this post the steps on how to order your food through these delivery numbers.

I have gathered and posted the hotlines here so you don’t have to look for it one by one on the web. All you need to do is to bookmark this page.

Eventually, when you became a regular customer of your favorite food chain, you no longer have to look at this post since you probably have memorized their respective telephone numbers.

There are probably numerous reasons why you wanted your food to be delivered at your doorstep than to cook or go to nearby restaurants to dine in. I have also listed some of it in this post.

Why Choose Food Delivery

It can be because of the hectic work schedule that after office hours, you just choose to go home and rest while waiting for your favorite pizza, pasta, a vegetarian meal, or fried chicken delivered at your place.

Another reason is that you do not have time to cook food for your house party and the easiest way is to resort to food delivery. You may also be not in the mood to prepare your own food, or is not capable of cooking a ‘Lechon’ but is craving for it. Hence, food delivery is the best option.

It can be more economical on your part to buy food than cook plus you can enjoy different varieties every day depending on the weather and your appetite.

Placing an order is also a lot faster than cooking. You only need to wait for 30 minutes for the restaurant to deliver your food. On the other hand, you will spend a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes preparing the ingredients and cooking your meal. I know all of these because most of the time, we shared the same situation and choices.

Regardless, you can use this blog post as your reference for the list of delivery hotline numbers of fast-food chains and restaurants in Manila and other parts of the Philippines.

Delivery Hotline Numbers of Fast Food Ultimate List

KFC delivery Hotline

  • 887-8888 available only in Metro Manila

kfc delivery philippinesFor those customers residing outside of Metro Manila, you can order online at the official website of KFC in the Philippines No minimum order required

Mcdonalds McDelivery delivery Hotline

  • 8888-6236
mcdonalds delivery philippines

Jollibee Delivery Hotline

  • 8-7000 Metro Manila
  • 878-7000 for Cavite
  • 888-7000 for Pampanga
  • 238-7000 for Cebu 044-79641434 / Mobile: 0965-778-6545 Malolos Crossing / 044 764 0290 Malolos Bayan
  • (033) 329-7819 for CityMall Iloilo (Tagbak Jaro) / (033) 337-3700 (033) 337-3755 IloIlo General Luna / (033) 338-0527 (033) 338-0528 Iloilo Plazoleta
  • to process delivery request online
    jollibee delivery number philippines

Chowking Delivery Hotlines

  • 9 – 8888 for Metro Manila
  • 419 – 8888 for Cavite
  • 343 – 8888 for Metro Cebu Delivery
  • 838 – 7000 for Laguna
  • 9-88-88 for Pampanga, Bulacan, Pangasinan, and Baguio

chowking delivery You can visit if you want to order chowking meals online. The Foodpanda delivery team will be the one to send the food to your doorstep.

Wendy’s Delivery Hotline

  • 533-3333

Shakeys Pizza Delivery Hotline

  • 77-7777
shakeys delivery number philippines

Greenwich Pizza Delivery Numbers

  • 5-5555
greenwich delivery hotline

Burger King Delivery Call Center Philippines

  • #2-22-22

Kenny Rogers Roasters

  • 8-555-9000

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Hotline

  • 997-3030

Max’s Restaurant

  • 7-9000

Goldilocks Bakeshop

  • 888-1-999

Red Ribbon Bakeshop

  • 8-7777 (available in selected areas in Metro Manila)

Tapa King Delivery Hotline

  • 8888 – TAPA or 8888 – 8272

Yellow Cab Delivery Hotline

  • 789-9999 for Metro Manila
  • (036) 288-1611 and (036) 288-5550 for Boracay
  • (074)442-9999 for Baguio
  • (043)723-2222 for Batangas
  • (046)416-9999 for Cavite
  • (049)502-9999 for Laguna
  • (032)254-1111 for Cebu

yellow cab delivery philippines
Aside from the numbers indicated above, you can visit the official website of Yellow Cab in the Philippines to find the store nearest to your location.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Delivery Hotline

  • 747-7777

Mang Inasal Delivery Hotline

  • 733-1111

Chooks to Go Metro Manila Area

  • 6871010
chooks to go delivery number metro manila

BonChon Chicken Delivery Number Manila Philippines

  • 633-1818
  • SM Lemery, Batangas – (043) 741-5901, 0920-296-1438
  • Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna – (0998) 847-9429
  • The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu – (032) 266-0488
  • Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro – (088) 880-6325
  • Abreeza, Ayala Mall, Davao City – (082) 285-1704

Chef d Angelo Delivery Number

  • Not Available

Brooklyn Pizza Delivery Numbers

  • Not Available

Amber Delivery Number in Metro Manila Philippines

  •  884-8888

Army Navy Burger plus Burrito

  • 333-3131
  • ArmyNavy online ordering is now open in more cities: Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, Lipa, Cebu and Subic.
  • To order online visit

Mang Inasal Delivery Number

  • 733-1111 in selected Metro Manila and provincial Luzon areas
mang inasal delivery hotline manila

Pizza Hut Delivery Hotline

  • 911-1111 for Metro Manila
  • 1-800-10)111-1111 for provincial delivery orders
pizza hut delivery hotline metro manila

Papa John’s Pizza Delivery Number in Metro Manila

  • 887-7272

papa johns pizza deliveryGoldilocks GO Delivery Number Hotline

  • 888-1-999
goldilocks delivery

How to order via these delivery hotline numbers

Step 1: Check the Website of Restaurant that offer Food Delivery

For fast and smooth transactions it would better to check first the respective websites of the restaurant where you want to order. Check for the available value meals, combo meals, promos, and price list. Do some calculations and comparisons based on the price list so you can save some of your budget. Decide then what you want for delivery.

Step 2: Call their Delivery Hotline Number

Once decided, call now their hotline numbers. Usually, the crew would ask for the complete home address, and telephone numbers, and membership cards if there is any so prepare it. Don’t call using your mobile phone number instead, use your landline number.

In the Philippines, there are some fast food chains that do not accept calls via mobile phone for safety reasons. Probably, because mobile phones are not reliable in the sense that you can not get the caller’s specific location when they use mobile phone.

Step 3: Prepare your Payment Amount

When your order is confirmed, prepare the exact amount for payment otherwise, tell the crew the amount that you have at hand so they can also prepare for your change.

Step 4: Follow Call up if you must

After 30 minutes or depending on the delivery policy, your order hasn’t arrived yet, you can make a follow up call to the fast food restaurant to determine the status of your order. Also to check if you are waiting for nothing.

Step 5: Enjoy your food

Assuming everything is smooth and Step 4 did not happen.

Can I order food from these Fast Food chains via a Food Delivery App?

Yes, these fast-food chains are partnered with several food delivery apps in the Philippines. What you need to do is download the app on your smartphone and register using either your mobile number, social media account, or email.

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