Deniece Cornejo Suicide Attempt (Video)

Deniece Cornejo reportedly slashed her wrist to commit suicide on July 13,2014 (Sunday) inside her detention cell at the PNP Headquarters. This is to perform protest against the dismissal of the rape case she filed against the actor-host Vhong Navarro.

deniece cornejo suicide attempt

Deniece Cornejo’s legal council Atty. Salvador Panelo has released an official statement that her client performed the incident to call attention to the injustice she is suffering from and as a symbolic protest against the July 11,2014 anomalous dismissal by the Taguig City prosecutor of the charges she filed against Vhong Navarro.

Watch Atty. Salvador Panelo Official statement in The Buzz Video below

Deniece’s Grandfather Rod Cornejo told The Buzz yesterday afternoon that the wound is not serious and is only superficial. Deniece using grooming tool inscribe on her wrist the initials “WR” which stands for “Womens Rights” to do silent protest and remind herself about her mission in life. Rod Cornejo also added that her grandniece do not have the motive to commit suicide.

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