Devant LCD TV Specifications, Prices, Reference

Are you familiar with DEVANT? I saw their stall in SM Fairview 2 weeks ago having these displays of LCD TV in huge quantity.

I’m not really into looking for displays but since we wait for some time to meet our contact I check it out. I’m not aware about the latest technology for LCD TV I just saw the actual unit and noticed the price is not within the 25K for 32” bracket which makes it interesting.

I cannot give any review but the unit has this characteristic that can eliminate the use of DVD/VCD player because it can play video (.AVI format), it can serve as your digital photo frame and it can also play mp3 via USB port.

Devant 1Devant 1Devant LCD TV also has invisible speakers system. I had a chance to attend IT Show in Singapore last November 2010 though LCD TV available there can play mp3 and view JPEG picture but none can play video so this brand Devant has huge edge yet in the Philippines. Ask me why I’ll answer because we are behind in technology.

DEVANT is a Singaporean brand their products are being distributed by Techpoint here in the Philippines which also the distributor of European brand NEXT BASE.

Here are the full specifications:

-Crystal Finished
– Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels (other models are HD Ready)
– Viewing Angle (H/V) : 178 x 178 degrees
– Superior Clear Panel
– TV system: PAL / NTSC
– Dynamic Contrast Ratio:
For 32” (32CE950) – 15,000:1
For 37” (37CE950) – 18,000:1
For 40” (40CE950) – 20,000:1
For 32” (32DE850) – 15,000:1
For 42” (42DE850) – 20,000:1
– Response Time: 6.5ms
– Support USB device: Jpeg, MP3, Video (.avi)
– With 2x HDMI Port
– PC Compatible
– Invisible Speaker
– Audio Power Output: 5W + 5W
– Power Consumption: 115W
– Rated Power: 100 to 240V ~ 50/60Hz

Devant Price:
For 32” (32CE950) – P24,950
For 37” (37CE950) – P29,950
For 40” (40CE950) – P36,950
For 32” (32DE850) – P21,950
For 42” (42DE850) – P42,950

Visit DEVANT LCD TV at www(dot)techpoint(dot)

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  • Priscilla cheng

    I want to buy 42 inch devant tv that cost 18 k which was displayed at the ground floor of pacific star makati avenue for Buendia last 3rd week of may.where will be the next venue of exhibit? Thanks

  • Johnny

    my led lcd devant 44 itv600 is less than 1 year old. lately, it has been intermittently shutting off the picture every 15 to 30 seconds but sound is okay. this happens mostly in the evening. then it becomes more frequent such as every 2 to 3 seconds and even less. in the morning, it operates sometimes normally, but you can not expect it to be trouble free all the time. i dont like having to guess when my tv set is okay and when it will not be. when i have time, i will bring it to the repair shop. in the meantime, i would welcome any suggestions, hints or advice.

    • joogi

      Same Problem I have with my TV GL510. Now I try to let repair but they said its cost around 26000p to Repair. And also its a Problem from many Devant TV. My TV is 16 month old and I don’t find my Recibo. So I have to Pay for that. That’s was my last Devant TV.

  • venger

    i purchased a 46 inch devant last 2011 and after 1 year it broke. i called deviant and i said i don’t have receipt but i have the serial number of my TV which is supposed to be at the back of your unit. and since my TV is already obsolete they offered to replace it with a 50GL510 but i have to pay 5k for it. i said “NO”. i told them that i bought my TV for 74k already and i don’t want to pay them another 5k for the replacement. luckily they agreed and they replaced my TV. until now the new TV is still working in good condition. joogi i suggest you call them and insist that you have the serial number (if you can find it at the back of your unit). dont let the 2year warranty pass.

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