Doraemon Stand By Me Movie Teaser Released with English Subtitles

Just like any great manga story begin, there will come a time that it will have to face its end. This is what would happen to the anime franchise Doraemon. Sadly, the time has come for Nobita and Doraemon to path their ways separately.

Kids would have to set aside their favourite toys and stop child-like behavior to prepare themselves for different challenges in the life of becoming an adolescent.

There will different responsibilities, a harder one in preparation for the future. Perhaps, this is what would happen to Nobita, unfortunately, Doraemon will no longer be at his side when it happen.

In the latest 30 second teaser of Stand By Me, Doraemon published on March 7, 2014, on youtube.

doraemon stand by me movie teaser

The robotic blue cat told Nobita that he could not stay by his side anymore as if saying goodbyes to their lifelong friendship.

The last and final movie of Doraemon will hit the Japanese cinemas on August 8, 2014. No one knows what would happen in the movie, but based from the teaser, it is going to draw mixed emotions to fans and followers of this anime especially to kids (now adults) born in the 80’s (like me).

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