Doris Bigornia airs side on The Script Concert Incident, Apologizes to Richard Lim

TV reporter and Mutya ng Masa host Doris Bigornia has aired her side regarding confrontation incident which took place during ‘The Script’ Concert at the Mall of Asia Arena on April 17,2015 (Friday).

Doris Bigornia, her daughter, and son were recently involved in confrontation with fellow concert goer named Richard Lim. It all started when Doris and daughter rushed towards the stage as The Script band came out to perform onstage causing to block the view of Lim’s family.doris bigornia photo

Mr. Richard Lim approached the Mutya ng Masa host twice to politely inform her that she is blocking their view and also to let her know that his child is already hyperventilating because of the crowd. Unfortunately, Doris Bigornia allegedly replied “WALA AKONG PAKI KAHIT MAMATAY SYA DYAN,” which shocked the man.

Watch the actual confrontation between Mr. Lim and Doris Bigornia after the concert:

(Credits to Sid Marko for the video)

On April 19,2015 (Sunday), Mr. Richard Lim narrated in a Facebook post the incident with Doris Bigornia. The post was titled ‘The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia,’ which went viral. The post comes with a video showing the silhouette of Ms. Bigornia and daughter as they rushed toward the stage.

On April 22,2015 (Wednesday), Doris Bigornia airs her side of the story. In her Facebook post, she apologized to Mr. Richard Lim regarding her action that may cause inconvenience to his family. According to her, it is not their intention to do so. She however denied that she made an insensitive statement during the time that Mr. Lim son is hyperventilating. Read Bigornia’s side below:

doris bigornia the script

Today, I am breaking my silence to air my side and to set the record straight on an article posted on Facebook by Mr. Richard Lim complaining about my behavior while watching a rock concert by The Script last Friday.

When The Script came out on stage, many among the audience stood up and welcomed the band. Like them and many others, my daughter and I rushed to the front or the mosh pit to get close to our favorite band, which is typical in all rock concerts. I apologize to Mr. Lim if our actions caused any inconvenience or upset him and his son in any way. It was certainly not our intention to do so.

However, it is not true that I made a harsh statement when Lim complained that his son was hyperventilating. Knowing the pain of losing a loved one, I would never have uttered such an insensitive statement.

After the concert, my children and I were happily talking about how much we enjoyed the show when Mr. Lim came and confronted us. When Mr. Lim said hurtful words to my children, I had to step in. My maternal instincts took over. That argument should not have taken place.

Credits to Doris Bigornia Facebook page for the photo.

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