Download Chikka Messenger Free here

Chikka Messenger free download link and how to create free account can be found below. Chikka messenger answer the needs of those who are working abroad thinking of ways to connect with their love ones who is a subscriber of Sun, Globe and Smart in the Philippines.

As for those residing locally with its current free text offering you can keep in touch with your relatives anywhere in the Philippines even if you don’t have a mobile number.

The cost of sending text messages is free and you can receive a reply at very low cost about P1 per reply during off-peak hours and P2.5 during peak hours.

What I like about it is that you can set up an account in 2 ways and in under 2 minutes. I have below the instruction on how you can create free account and start sending free text to anyone anywhere in the Philippines.

The first thing you need to do is download chikka messenger.

How to register:

Step 1. Visit the register link and then fill up the necessary information.

If you’re out of the country and you plan to send free text to choose “country is not listed” on the other hand choose “Philippines” on the dropdown menu.
Once you’re done filling up the registration hit sign up. You will receive an email.

Step 2. Confirm your email address by visiting the link.

"Chikka messenger email confirmation"

Step 3. After confirming the link you’ll again received an email from chikka messenger containing your chikka user ID and password.

"Chikka messenger ID and password"

How to install:

Step 1. Run the downloaded chikka messenger and then follow the instructions
Step 2. After you’re done with the installation run the program and supply the needed chikka ID
Step 3. Send Free text via chikka by supplying the mobile or chikka ID of the recipient.

*Hope you’ll be able to setup your very first chikka messenger with ease

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