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Desktop and or laptop windows eWallpapers come in different HD designs, colors, favorite celebrity, anime, and oftentimes it represents a photograph of your loved ones.

Before wallpapers were only used on personal computers. However, lately, even mobile phones having advanced operating systems such as iOS, and android could utilize wallpapers.

To others, wallpapers may seem unimportant as they tend to just use the default provided by the proprietor,  while many want to change their wallpapers daily based on their culture, or mood. They can also change it depending on the current anime or movie they are watching.

For example, they are currently watching SlamDunk, then most likely they will use wallpaper related to the character in the anime. For example, the main character of the Shohoku high school team.

Another example is if the desktop user is a fan of Korean TV series such as “Star-Up 2020,” I am 100 percent sure that he/she will use the photo of Seo Dal Mi or Han Ji Pyeong as the wallpaper.

Whether it is 1920×1080 HD wallpapers similar to that Poke Ball wallpaper below or 640×960 pixels size for mobile, it really depends on the taste of the PC and smartphone owner what they want to do with their monitor screen.

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As for my laptop, I prefer using the default windows wallpaper. Lately, I decided to change it to the photo of my wife and son for a reason that it would serve as my everyday inspiration to increase productivity.

It also makes me relax for a while during stressful work in the office. Hard to admit, but it is another way of expressing to colleagues how beautiful my wife and show them that I have a sweet and loving son.

There are more reasons than I could imagine why people use wallpapers. What is important,  wallpapers can give respective window screen different personality and a sense of uniqueness, as it expresses a person’s mood and individuality. To download desktop HD wallpapers visit

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