Download Iris (Siri) for Android Free, Demo Video

Iris is said to be the Siri of android phones and it is now available for download at the GooglePlay Store. If you are an Android phone user then you probably envy and would want to have one of the iPhone 4s selling points which is “Siri”.

As we all know Siri is a virtual assistant in which you can ask or request for almost anything from sending a reply to text message, reschedule meetings, asking for the nearest preferred restaurant, and making calls via voice command. The good thing is Iris can do that too.Iris for android

Dexetra (developer) finally come up with an answer to Siri his name is Iris or Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri. Iris is believed to be developed by the company in under 8 hours after the launching of Siri in iPhone 4S. While Siri is equipped with a female voice Iris on the other hand goes with a Male Voice.

As of the moment, Iris is in the alpha (development) stage and still needs more improvement but you can already ask him what you want to know about science, culture, and history. He will pull a relevant answer from the internet. If you want to be entertained you can talk to iris just like what was on the demo video below.

In order for Iris to work on your android phone, you have to install “Voice Search” and “TTS (text to speech) Library” on your android phone.

List of Iris Features

  • Call someone (can you please call Bob)
  • text someone (sends a text to Bob)
  • Search nearby (find me a nearby coffee shop)
  • play music (play the song rolling in the deep)
  • ask movie reviews (should I watch the movie Mission Impossible)
  • watch videos (show me a video of a cat singing)
  • find news (what is the news about SOPA)
    and lots and lots more. Discover for yourself.

You can download Iris for free at the GooglePlay store. Just go to the site and search for Iris.

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  • Henry

    I cannot believe that Android will came up to something like this so easily. Galing! Sana pwede sa version 2.1

  • Lei

    That wierd name when you revert the word SIRI :D
    Hope it will compatible with my android phone

  • Henry

    Pwede nga sa Xperia X10 mini pro like ng nabanggit sa video. It can only run Android 2.1, Thanks for putting this up here, I wanna share this too.

  • marlon

    I have it installed in my galaxy y! very good! i just don’t know how to activate txt messaging! definitely a very cool feature on android! hope for more updates!

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