Download Latest DOTA All Star Map 6.68c and 6.68AI

I had to admit it during the college years I and my friends were spending most of our money renting in computer shops just to play Starcraft and this (Defense of the Ancient) or very popular simply as DOTA. Time goes fast that it happened 7 years ago and yet this game still captures the time and attention of PC game players.

As of now I no longer play this game not because I don’t like it anymore but due to my different sets of priorities. Whenever I came across a computer shop I still find it interesting to watch those kids (young generation of players) talking to their teammates in a very loud voice about the strategy that they would be executing.

Recently there was a new release of DOTA map version 6.68c for those who do not have yet a copy of the map you may download it via this official dota download link. or You may check this alternative link in .rar. For the DOTA Hotkeys see the link.

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