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Pinoy henyo is probably one of the popular and most awaited segments in Eat Bulaga next to Juan for All, All for Juan the good news is it is made available to android app and can be played thru your android phone.

Aside from the fact that the game is challenging perhaps the best reason is that it is Bosing Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon who are hosting the said segment. For those who still don’t know about the game, it can be played by two person all they need is a pen and paper which the random henyo word will be written.

The paper with the henyo word will then be placed to the forehead of the asker / guesser which should be identified by the latter within 2 minutes by asking different categories like food, places, animals, human and the likes until he can able to guess the exact henyo word. The responder on the other hand should only reply with yes, no, partly.

If you want to play Pinoy Henyo anywhere only a bit techie all you need is a version 1.0 and up android phone. Go to andoid market and search for Pinoy Henyo game app. Whats really nice with this app is that you can share your score in facebook so your friends can see how good you are with this game. Unfortunately for the iphone 4 or iphone 3gs users this app is not yet available.

There are three types of game challenges:
Henyo word – Guess 1 henyo word as fast as you can withing two minutes
All you can – You can guess as many words within two minutes
How about 3 – It is similar to all you can but in three minutes

New features for version 1.2.0 (From Pinoy henyo app page)
1. You can now see a loading progress bar indicator
2. Play with an additional 900 words
3. You can now set the categories: tao, bagay, hayop, lugar, pagkain
4. You should hear beeps before the game ends (10sec)
5. You can now toggle the scroll settings
6. You can also randomize your henyo words in custom game

Instruction on how to play the game can be seen on the apps page.

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  • The game is indeed fun to play especially with your friends and family but unfortunately this is no longer available in Google Play. :(

  • Liza Lanuza

    a game which really enhance one’s brain. funny but educational. a perfect game for everyone.

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