Em-Em Creates Fire By Just Saying The Word

I heard this on the news yesterday when I was listening to Arnold Clavio the topic was about a child who can create fire by just saying the word “fire” (sunog). Em-Em a child in Brgy. Mohon Sn. Jose Antique, Philippines. She can easily create a fire by just pointing her hand to an object and say “Fire” (Sunog). According to the expert, it is not possible to create or control a fire but just merely thinking or saying it.

Child’s mother exclaimed that fire occur in their house without knowing the real cause of it. Their neighbors explained that fire occur when Em-em come to think about it. Actual footage shows that Em-em was pointing to something inside their house seconds after her mother was holding a burning fabric.  NBI subjected the fabric to testing yet they don’t find any chemicals that would cause it to burn.

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