How to Connect to Epson Printer via WiFi Direct

If you do not have a wifi connection you can still connect to your Epson wireless printer via wifi direct to print your documents. The setup process only takes 5 steps. Also, you do not need to be techy to complete it.

What is WiFi Direct in the Epson wireless printer?

Wifi direct is one of the features that you can find in new models of Epson wireless printers such as L3110, L120, L3210, and L3150. It allows the users to connect their windows pc or mobile devices directly to the printer even without access to a wifi router.

The Epson printers that have the wifi direct features are Ecotank series, Expression Home series, SureColor P series, WorkForce Enterprise series, and WorkForce Pro series.

Step 1. Press and hold the wifi button and press the network status button once

You need first to turn ON your Epson wireless printer. Afterward, press and hold the wifi button for roughly 5 seconds until the led lights for wifi and wifi direct flashes alternately. During that 5 seconds duration, press the network status button once.

epson printer wifi direct setup

Step 2. Press and hold the network status button to print the network status sheet

Make sure that your printer’s sheet feeder is loaded with at least 1 pc of paper to print page 1. In my experience, the printer will print 3 pages. However, I suggest that you don’t print pages 2 and 3 as it is not necessary.
printing the network status sheet epson

Step 3. Get the SSID and Password of the Epson printer in wifi direct

In the network status sheet that you printed. You will see the sections such as “General Information,” “Wireless,” “Wi-Fi Direct,” “TCP/IP IPv4, and IPv6. Under the WIFI DIRECT section, get the SSID and Password for your Epson printer model. ssid and password of epson wireless printer

Step 4. Connect your devices to the Epson printer via wi-fi direct

You can connect your windows pc or your smartphones/ tablets to your Epson printer through the wifi direct feature.

For windows pc users, go to the wifi connection icon located at the lower right-hand side of your taskbar.

The list will show the different wifi signals. What you need to do now is look for the SSID that matches the one you found in step 3.


Normally and to make it easier to find. The SSID starts with the word “DIRECT.” Select it from the list and enter the password that you also find in step 3.

For Smart devices such as IOS, you can go to “Settings,” then “WiFi.” From there search for the Epson printer.

You know that you have done the correct process when you see that the wifi direct led light is lit up.

Note: while you are connected via wifi direct, you will temporarily be disconnected to your internet wifi router.

Step 5. Start printing your documents via wifi direct

The printing process is the same for Windows PC. You just need to select the file or image and print it.

On the other hand, to print files and images from iOS devices, you need to get the Epson iPrint App on Appstore. For the Android version, you can get it in Google Play.

I hope this helps guys!

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