Facebook Emoticons that works on Comments

I do not know when it happened, but Facebook emoticons can now be used on comments. I was checking my facebook news feed yesterday when I saw a friend of mine shared this list of emoticons. If I may remember, emoticons work only on chat several months ago. Perhaps, facebook realized that emoticons should also be integrated on comments to make the conversation livelier and with feelings. However, these emoticons codes do not work on status updates (too bad). Hopefully, one of these days these codes would also work on status updates so users can let their friends know their mood without typing a thousand words.

Here is the list of facebook emoticons with the corresponding short codes that are working on news feed comments:

facebook emoticons:) happy
:( sad
:P stick out tougue
:D grin
;) wink
B) glasses
B| Sunglasses
>:( Grumpy
:/ unsure
:’( Cry

To insert these emoticons users have to choose from the lists of short codes depicted on the picture. Then, type it on the comments section. Afterwards, press enter.

* Got the image from my friend’s facebook wall

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