Facebook Emoticons you might want to know

Basic facebook emoticons are essential perhaps if you want to look cute whenever you get a chance to chat with crush on facebook. It may also help you express what you feel at times when words aren’t enough. Even if you do not say anything just type in smileys codes on facebook chat box can already make your friends smile. Facebook emoticons are simple ways to indirectly say to your friends “I remember you” or “Hi” and “I think of you.” It can also bring you positive mood especially if the one sent it was your best friend, relatives, and the like.

There are lots of facebook emoticons all over the internet which looks very cool. However I think this basic emoticons list could bring your conversation to higher level. So I suggest you try it out.

:v – Pacman
:) – happy
>:( – grumpy
:/ – unsure
:’( – cry
3:) – devil
O:) – angel
:-* – kiss
^_^ – “kiki”
:( – sad
:P – tongue
8) – glasses
B) – sunglasses
:3 – cute/cat-like
-_- – squint
O.o – confused
>:O – upset
:D – grin
:O – gasp
;) – wink

* Here’s the complete list of facebook emoticons or on this facebook chat tricks link

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