Facebook Timeline One Step Activation

Facebook timeline is one of the latest features that the biggest social networking site offers to its user. It was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg during the F8 conference last September but it was only made available to million of users worldwide on December 15,2011. Timeline is some sort of online scrapbook, photo album, collection of own stories and experiences which happen to you chronologically since you joined facebook or from the moment you were born.

It’s like a redesigned facebook page which by scanning it a friend of yours or anyone whom you granted access to view your account will know who you really are (according to what you have shared at least). Timeline gives you the benefit to highlight memorable moments of your life and your facebook activities which took place in time.

For those who didn’t know yet how to activate their facebook timeline all you need to do is go to facebook.com/about/timeline. At the bottom of the page you’ll see “Get Timeline” link which eventually will lead to your timeline. Follow the instruction there after.

After creating your facebook timeline you have 7 days to preview and edit your account at this point you are the only one who can view it. Once you are satisfied with the looks of your timeline you can also publish it immediately or wait after 7 days and it will go live automatically. Meanwhile if you want to add some spice with your chat box I suggest you have the latest facebook emoticons.

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