Fatima Soriano will Receive AJ Perez Cornea Video

Ma. Fatima Victa Soriano (17 y/o) a Marian devotee who has been blind since birth will receive AJ’s Cornea. She regularly appear on ABS CBN noon time show Happe Yipee Yehey. She also has regular Radio guesting on Fr. Jerry’s Saturday Night program over ABS CBN DZMM. She was being watched by AJ Perez‘ mother during her interview on Boy Abunda’s Bottom Line the night of AJ’s accident.

Fatima was very grateful with her words “Thank you po noh kasi without ever meeting you and kami po hindi nyo kami kilala personally and suddenly po parang were very grateful po”.

Fatima is now waiting for her doctor’s decision about the matter. Watch the video on the Abs-Cbn.

Update: Fatima Soriano is not eligible for Cornea transplant because according to her doctor she doesn’t have problem with her cornea but on her retina and as of the moment there is no successful retina transplant yet. According to Yahoo AJ Perez’ cornea will be endorsed to Eyebank.

More about Fatima Soriano on the link.

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  • grace

    though fatima soriano wasn’t eligible to receive aj perez’s corneas, it was very heartwarming to see that the family extended their help to people in need. may aj’s soul rest in peace.

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