5+ Funny Party Games for Filipino Kids and Adults

Whenever there is a party there are also party games to make the event livelier. As we all know, there will always be birthdays, get together events, or even the annual Christmas party. Often times we want to make these celebrations more enjoyable by adding some ice breakers such as games to the event.

Party games need not be extravagant. Sometimes a simple question and answer themed games will do, to make the celebration livelier. There are games that require props such as newspapers, balloons, and chairs. There are also games that only need your smartphone.

You may be asking right now, “do I need to prepare party games for the birthday celebration, Christmas celebration, or even for team building in the company?” The simple answer is it depends.

Yes, you need to prepare party games if numerous people roughly 10 or more persons will attend your event. No, if there are basically few people that will attend the event.

You also have to consider the demographics of the attendees. For sure kids are eager to participate in the games, while adults would probably choose to just talk with each other or the likes over a cup of coffee or drinks.

If the attendees are mostly single/high school friends then there is a high chance they will join the games. Because somehow they missed each other. Just like the old times, kidding here and there. If you know what I mean.

So, what are the classic and timeless party games that you can play at the event? I have here 5 plus games you can consider.

Enjoyable Party Games for Kids, and Adults

There are party games that you can do indoors while there are also such that require a big open space. If you have a venue for both then choose which among the list will perfectly match the available venue.

Bring Me!!!

This game is very popular during birthday and Christmas parties due to the simplicity of its mechanics. A lot of people, individuals, or as a group can participate in this game. You can also do the “Bring Me” game online via Zoom or Video calls hahaha. Especially during online corporate parties.

As I said, the mechanics are simple, there is one person who will be the game master and there are players. The game master will request the players to “Bring Me” the name of things he/she requested. The participant who can bring the things requested will be the winner for that round. You can play this game for up to 5 rounds or more.

You can do this game indoors and outdoors. Of course, as a game master, the things that you will request will depend on the venue.

Pinoy Henyo

This game originates from the longest noontime variety show of the Philippines, Eat Bulaga. You can play this game in person or by online.

This is played by a team of 2 persons or is also sometimes composed of group which has a 1 questioner/guesser and numerous responder. This is a very exciting game. Also, you only need a smartphone or a pencil and paper to start it.

This Henyo game is easy to play. You can do it manually using pen and paper or you can download a mobile app using your smartphone.

To play the game, the game master will select a random word. He/she can either write it on a piece of paper and afterward placed it on the forehead of the guesser. The latter can guess the word by asking questions pertaining to a person, animals, parts of the house, and basically anything under the sun hahaha.

The responder will help the guesser know the correct word by answering “Oo, Hindi, or Pwede.” In general, there is an allotted 2 minutes per round. But the fastest team that guessed the word is the winner.

Trip to Jerusalem

This is a dance game that needs a chair and lively music hahaha. One of the games that will always be present at every party for kids and single adults.

As mentioned you need chairs of roughly 5 to 8 pieces and players that are slightly higher than the number of chairs. For example, if the chairs are 8 then the players should be 9.

To play this game, there must be a game master that can turn on / off the music. There should also be an assistant that can Arrange, remove, and re-arrange the chairs after each round.

The participants have to dance and move around the sets of chairs. When the music stops the players should make sure to have a chair to sit on. The player that is unseated is eliminated. Every time each round ends the chair is reduced by one. The cycle continues until there is one winner.

Paper Dance

Another party game that needs music as props plus a newspaper or Manila paper. This is similar to TTJ. However, this needs a team of two persons.

This game also needs a game master that can turn on or off the music. Plus numerous assistants to check if the participants folded their papers properly and they following the rules.

The paper dance mechanics are easy to follow. The two-person participants need to dance around the sheet of paper. It’s up to them what kind of steps they want to do. When the music stops, the players should be inside the perimeter of the paper. The team who are still outside when the music stops is eliminated. After each round, the paper is folded in half and got reduced in size. Then the cycle continues.

The last pair that remains in the game despite the decreasing paper size, wins.

Basagang Palayok

For starters, I want to let you know that this game is a classic. Kids and adults play this game during fiestas and birthday parties.

You need a budget for this because you have to purchase numerous palayok (clay pot), the contents/prize, and a stick or maybe a 2×2 lumber as props.

Basagang palayok is played individually. There should be two or more assistants to assist the player and also to protect the audience from accidentally getting hit by the player.

The mechanics are quite unique. The player is blindfolded while locating the position of the hanging clay pot. However, there is a twist. The assistant will place the player on the designated location, spin the player roughly 3 times or even more before he/she can start to locate and hit the pot with the stick.

When the player luckily hit the palayok and it gets shattered. Both players and the audience can collect its contents scattered on the floor. Often times, it contains candies, coins, and packets of cheese curls.

Longest Happy Birthday Greeting Game

So far in the list of games in this post, this game has the simplest mechanics and needs only one prop, which is the timer.

The participants range from young children (who are able to speak a word), and adults. Of course, the participants should be categorized properly based on age. The minimum number of participants for this game is 2.

As I said earlier the mechanics are easy to understand, the player needs only to greet the birthday celebrant with the word “Happy Birthday” the longest possible they can without faltering. Whoever participant was able to say the “Happy Birthday” word the longest wins.

There you have it guys, I hope these party games will make your celebration enjoyable, and memorable. Just choose the game that suits your budget and also the demographics of your attendees.

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