How to Fill Out a Visa Application Form for South Korea?

A Visa Application Form for South Korea is a 5-page document that Filipinos have to fill out typewritten as part of the requirements for their application for a tourist visa to South Korea.

The Visa Application Form contains questionnaires that all Filipinos who want to travel to South Korea have to answer. It is written in English and Korean language and applicants can either fill out the form either in English or Korean as well.

The questionnaires in the Visa Application Form include Personal Details, Visa Application Details, Passport Information, Contact Information, Marital Status and Family Details, Education, Employment, Details of Visit, Details of Invitation, Funding Details, Assistance with this Form, and Declaration.

Filipinos must fill out the Visa Application Form as completely and accurately as possible. The Filipino applicant must write their information in capital letters either in English or Korean language. For multiple choice questions, the Filipino applicant must check all the answers that apply to them. When they write “Other” they should provide more information about it.

In this part, I will teach you how to fill out the Visa Application Form for South Korea using adobe acrobat reader. Aside from that, I will also share with you my actual application form so you will have an idea of what information you will need to type in the respective questionnaires.

Step 1: Open the Visa Application Form for South Korea File using Adobe Acrobat reader

Locate the file on your personal computer and open it using the adobe acrobat reader.

At the upper right side of the form choose “Enable Editing,” then select “OK” in the dialog box.
how to fill korea visa form

Step 2: Select Fill and Sign

At the right-hand panel of Adobe Reader, you will see different actions such as export pdf, create pdf, and comments. Select “Fill & Sign” to be able to edit the application form.
fill and sign using adobe reader

Step 3: Start filling out your Korean Visa Application Form

At the upper portion of the form, you can select the characters needed to type in the given questionnaire. You can add text, X marks, check marks, and dots.

Sample South Korea Visa Application Form Completely Filled Out

This is the sample filled out South Korea Visa Application form. I just alter the details to protect my personal information. Nonetheless, this is still how I filled out the form that got visa approval from the screening immigration official in South Korea. Thanks to them!

For questions that are not applicable to you, just leave them blank. Just like what I did.
south korean visa application form filled out page 1Page 1 is the part where you need to fill out your personal details. Take note of the format of the date as it is different from the usual Month-date-year format in the Philippines.
south korean visa application form filled out page 2Page 2 is where you need to type in your Passport information, contact information, marital status, family details, and educational background.
south korean visa application form filled out page 3On page 3, you need to input the information about your employment, details of the visit to South Korea, your date of entry, and the number of days of stay. Your hotel or board and lodging address and your contact information while in South Korea. For the contact number, I input the telephone number of the hotel.

For example, in question number 7.4, since we stayed in Hotel Kuretakaso in Insadong, I input their address and telephone numbers in the given space.

If you have visited Korea previously in the last 5 years. Indicate your purpose of visit and your period of stay. You also have to tell the details of your out-of-the-country travel in the last 5 years.
south korean visa application form filled out page 4You have to declare on page 4 if you have a family member staying or living in Korea. If you will travel with your family, you also need to declare their names. Details of the person inviting you to Korea (if there is any).

Declare in the funding details your estimated travel cost in US dollars. Type in the information of the person who will shoulder your travel expenses.

Is there someone who assists you in filling out the form? Indicate it in the Assistance with this form portion.
south korean visa application form filled out page 5On page 5, type in your date of application, and your full name, and affix your signature.

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