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Yesterday my family went to SM San Lazaro to watch “Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote.” Unfortunately, weeks after its first viewing, cinemas still offer Standing Room only. So since we have with us our son, we decided to watch RPG Metanoia instead.

The movie was simple actually even a four year old just like my son could easily understand the plot of the story. Despite the simplicity, I had to admit that occasionally I have to hold my breath while watching the fight scenes of Zero/Nico together with his barkadas (friends) while they were inside the Metanoia. When it comes to quality, I thought that the whole movie was set in 3D. Sad to say only some portion or to be exact the 3D effects happen only when the scenes were inside the metanoia. Actually, you can even watch it without the use of 3D glasses because it is hard to distinguish, and almost no difference when it is in 3D and when it is not.

Another thing I also noticed that some characters are not changing their clothes during the entire movie. It is the same in both the real world and when they are in Metanoia/virtual world, which is quite unbelievable.

Though I’m not satisfied with its 3D effects as it was claimed to be the “first full-length 3D animated film in the Philippines.” For me, the film was acceptable considering that my son enjoyed watching it so much.

Watch the trailer here:

Also, I like the moral of the story that a boy like Nico should not spend most of his time playing computer games. Because he would end up becoming a clumsy boy as his muscle got weak due to lack of exercise and vitamin D from the Sun (I guess) hahaha. The movie may be incomparable with Hollywood-produced films in terms of budget and production, but I think this is a good start for the film industry in the Philippines. More power to the creators of this movie.

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  • jonyuch

    aren’t you glad you didn’t watch eat bulaga the movie (today’s special guest bong revilla) :P

    RPG Metanoia is a major breakthrough, more people should support it. enough with the dumb story lines … and the same old gimmicks.

  • jonyuch

    also, in cartoons animated characters usually don’t change clothes. that makes familiarization of the characters much more easier :) kaya di ba sila scooby doo and the flintstones laging ganun ang damit. makes merchandising easier too :)

  • Peter

    Fair review. :) I liked the part where you said ‘your 4 year old got it’; Mine too. But you must know that when they said “first full length 3D movie”, means it was done in 3D ala the first Toy Story movie. And not “stereoscopic 3D” where-in the audience is required to wear glasses. Also, the movie Tron had only the game sequences in stereoscopic 3D. Overall a great movie. Go Pinoys!

    • matt

      Ok, now I understand. We enjoyed it anyway.

  • Renato Villanueva Jr

    ang galing galing ng pinoy,,,,dapat tayong maghanga sa sariling atin,.,.,.,

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