Where to Find the Washing Machine Model Number?

These are the locations on your washing machine body to look up if you want to find its model number. These locations are not hidden. In fact, we see our washing machine’s model number every time we use the appliance. However, we often overlooked it until the washer breaks down and needs a repair from the accredited repair center.

The Washing Machine Model Number is usually composed of alphanumeric characters. It will help you determine if the model is still within warranty or if the service center still provides support for it.

As we all know popular brands of washing machines produce different variants that cater to different needs of the customers. There are variants that are washer only or dryer only or a combination of both. There are also top-loader and front-loader washing machines. The model number differentiates these variants. We may think that those serial numbers have no meaning, but it means everything to the manufacturer.

This is the reason why we call the Customer Service Hotline of the washing machine brand for our concerns. Most of the time their technician will ask for the model number.

As I have mentioned earlier, it will determine if the maker will still provide support for the washing machine model. Also, it will affect the repair cost and the duration.

So, for example, based on the model number, the local repair provider determines if they do not have a ready spare part. If they have then good for you, but if they don’t, they will have to get it from another country. Therefore, this will take days or weeks before they received the spare parts and repair your washing machine.

I know it because it happened to our flat TV back then, and also on my old model laptop. Unfortunately, at the time, there are no ready parts from the local warehouse. So, the repair provider needs to order it from overseas. As a result, the repair that would usually take days has turned into weeks and the repair cost is slightly lower than the brand-new laptop or TV. 

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Washing Machine Model Number Locations

Normally you have to Check these two common locations to see your washing machine’s model number.

For LG’s front loader, you can find the model number at the opening of the front tub and at the right side of the unit’s body. Take a look at the photos to see the location. For recent models of LG top loader washing machines, you can find the model number on the upper rear side and when facing the front, you can see it on the left-hand side of the unit.

lg washing machine model number front location
LG washing machine side location of model number

You can see the model number for your Samsung Front Loader washing machine at the lower portion of the door opening. For the top loader, you can find it at the back of the unit’s body.

The Whirlpool washing machine model number are placed in various locations. You can see it near the tub opening, behind your WM’s door, or at the removal kick plate panel at the front bottom portion of the washer’s body.

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