Flying Kiss Movie Tells About Prevention and Cure of Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis is still a major killer disease worldwide and 75 Filipinos die on this disease every day. The sad fact is that there is a cure, and yet, there are Filipinos who do not know what to do or whom to approach because of lack of proper knowledge about this disease.

On March 24, 2014, World TB Day will be observed, and as a new approach to reaching out to millions of Filipinos, an independent advocacy movie on tuberculosis titled FLYING KISS was produced by Sinehan Advocacy Media Projects Inc., in partnership with Department of Health National Tb Program, National Center for Health Promotion, Hewlett-Packard Philippines, Yamaha Motors Philippines, Western Digital, The LoveLife Project, My Phone and Philippine Business for Social Progress.
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Flying Kiss Movie Synopsis

MICH shortcuts her way to everything. She is never patient to wait. She regards life as a never-ending race. She believes she can outsmart every obstacle that comes her way. She has to do everything in an instant to get instant results. She wants to get rich, and the shortcut to getting her dream is going for a rich husband.

So when KEVIN proposed to marry her, she agreed without any hesitation even if she knows for a fact that Kevin is not the ideal smart guy, and she has to deal with DONYA CHARO, Kevin’s mother who looks down on poor people like her.

She thought there is a shortcut to everything. But not with tuberculosis or TB.

When she was diagnosed with TB, she thought she can get it over the next morning. She did not listen to anyone. She did not want to seek help. She thought she can outsmart the disease. But she was wrong.

Her obsession to getting things done in an instant ruined all her dreams. Kevin left her. She was betrayed by her best-friend. Donya Charo and everyone loathed her.

With much hatred, disgust and denial, Mich enters a new world: in a hospital ward of TB patients. She meets PRINCE, a jovial and charming guy who will make everything light for her.

But everything will not come easy. Mich’s road to acceptance and winning the battle is rocky. Is there hope for her? How will she deal with the fact that she has TB? How will she regain the life that she almost lost? Will Prince become her inspiration to start a new life?

FLYING KISS is a comedy-drama movie that tells a story of how individuals, families and communities fight the disease that kills 75 Filipinos a day. This is an inspiring story of love, hope, acceptance and action that informs the audience about tuberculosis, how it can be prevented and cured, and caring for those who have acquired the disease.

Flying Kiss will be shown in selected SM Cinemas in March 19 to 25, 2014. Starring Carl Guevarra, Andrea Tatad, Wynwyn Marquez, Fabio Ide, Maey Bautista, Gio Medina, Ate Gay and Ms. Ma. Isabel Lopez.

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