4 Popular Online Food Delivery Apps in the Philippines

Are you looking for popular online food delivery apps available in the Philippines? These 4 Mobile apps are all you need to enjoy your food delivered to your home. Using these apps, you can select the food that you want to order online. Afterward, the delivery guy will deliver it to you as soon as possible time.

Aside from calling the telephone number of Fast-food restaurants, you can also order your food online. There are popular independent delivery companies you can use to satisfy your hunger and food cravings without having to leave your home. These companies have Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Users that you can use to order food online at your convenience.

Ordering food from restaurants is the best option whenever you crave dishes that you are not capable of cooking at home. The likes of Cochinillo, Kakanin, pizza, Kare-kare, Spaghetti, fancy Coffee, and Tea require time, equipment, and skills to prepare.

To satisfy your cravings for these dishes and drinks, order them online using the Mobile Apps that are available on your Smartphones.

According to statista.com, there will be 40 million smartphone users in the Philippines by 2020. I do not know if this is a good analogy.

If the Trend will continue to go higher. There is a big chance that Filipinos will resort more to using food delivery apps on their mobile devices to order their meals. As an effect, those who rely on food delivery using the hotline numbers will decline.

To tap into this potential, various companies develop Mobile Apps that offer Food Delivery Services to address the demand of the customers. These Mobile Apps will cater to those who would want to stay at home but still want to enjoy their favorite pizza, Spaghetti, Tea, and fancy Coffee in just 60 minutes or less. After placing their order online.

You can find below the list of food delivery apps that you can use to order your dishes and drinks online. There are also selected apps that allow you to order groceries and have them delivered to your home.

List of Mobile Apps that offer Food Delivery Services in the Philippines

To use these apps, you need to install them on your iOS or Android devices that have an internet connection. Afterward, open the app and register for an account.


This app accepts food and drinks delivery from 10 am to 10 pm Mondays to Sundays. Currently, they cater to customers living in Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, San Juan City, Taguig, and Quezon City. They support intercity delivery.

You only have to order the specific food that you want as there is no minimum bill requirement. They have wide selections of foods and drinks coming from more than 800 registered merchants and sellers.

lalafood delivery apps philippinesYou can download the Lalafood on Google Play Store and iOS App store. The app will use your location to facilitate the delivery and to discover nearby restaurants relative to your address.

They deliver food in 45 minutes or less. The initial delivery fee is Php 40.0 pesos and increases by Php 8.0 per kilometer. Their current payment method is cash on delivery.

This food delivery app has an ongoing promotion wherein new users can enjoy 3 free delivery coupons upon registration to their app.

The basic details for you to sign up for an account is your full name, valid email address, personal mobile phone number, and delivery address.

FoodPanda Philippines

This food delivery app is probably the biggest (in terms of presence) in the list of independent delivery companies operating in the Philippines. They are in major cities in the country such as Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao City. They are also available in Baguio, Tagaytay, Naga City, and Cagayan De Oro.

Foodpanda has more than 400 registered restaurants that offer more than 30 different cuisines to satisfy your taste buds anytime and anywhere, even till the middle of the night.

foodpanda an online food delivery apps in philippinesYou can place your order online at foodpanda.ph or through your android or iOS devices via their app. Foodpanda accepts different payment options such as cash on delivery, paypal, debit card, and credit card.

There are registered restaurants that have minimum order requirements. Delivery fee varies depending on your locations. There are also restaurants that offer free delivery.

This app requires registration. You can register using your Facebook account or by supplying your full name, email address, mobile number, and your desired password.

GrabFood Philippines

Here is another food delivery app that started as a transportation network company which later on, expanded its service to food delivery in various countries in Southeast Asia. GrabFood operates in various cities in the Philippines.

Currently, they are available to customers in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Rizal, and Cebu City. They are continuously expanding to accommodate customers in other major cities in the Philippines.

Placing an order is very simple as it only requires you 5 steps to complete the whole process. GrabFood’s delivery hours, however, varies depending on the city it is serving. GrabFood service also depends on the operating hours of the participating restaurants. If your chosen restaurant is not available during a particular time, grab will list it as unavailable.

Grabfood charges delivery fee which is shown in the app prior to ordering your food. The good thing is that they do not have a minimum purchase. You can pay your order through GrabPay credits, and by adding your debit and credit card to your grabpay wallet.

grab app also delivery food in philippines

To use GrabFood, you need to install Grab App which is available to your iOS and Android devices. This app also requires member registration. To sign up for an account, you need to type in your full name, personal mobile phone number, and your valid email address.

Zomato PH

Zomato Philippines is helping local food lovers find the nearest and the best restaurants, cafés, and bars of a particular niche depending on their given location. They also help the users view the food menus, photos, reviews, and ratings for their chosen restaurant.

Currently, they have collections of top restaurants in Metro Manila, Cebu, Laguna, and Rizal arranged based on the type of meal whether it is for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Zomato also shows the respective type of cuisine, the estimated cost per two persons, address, and operating hours of restaurants.

Aside from that, Zomato also offers food delivery service based on the users’ given delivery address.

To signup, you can use any of the 3 options: with your Facebook account, Google account, or your email address.


These online Food Delivery Apps have advantages and disadvantages. What you can do is download the mentioned Mobile Apps on your iPhone or Android devices and try each one to have a first-hand experience of their services. One thing is for sure, these Mobile Apps deliver tastier food than those inflight meals served by airline companies.

You can consider the apps’ user experience. Check if it is easy to use and if its features are beneficial for you as a customer. Availability of service in your location, you need to determine if the app is operating in your city.

The delivery fee per order plus you need to determine if it requires a minimum delivery amount. Check also the list of partnered restaurants as there are restaurants that are only tie-up to a specific delivery company.

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  • Mary

    One that I love to use here in Davao City is the Malagos Homegrown Produce. They are fast, reliable, and always have fresh produce.

    • Matt

      Thank you Ms. Mary about your go to store there in Davao city.

  • Osep

    Can i order online here in the US for my family in manila?,

    • Matt

      Hi Osep, I haven’t tried it yet. I suggest you can give it a try. But use a small amount only. If it works then try the bigger amounts.

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    Food Panda can be better if their search engine works. right now, of you want to order food, you will have to go through all the restaurants one by one to find your choice. or when you want to search for a particular dish, the search engine doesn’t return any results. whether you search for restaurants or dishes, the search engine will always give you the very annoying default return..”That is not on the menu yet.” GRRRRR!!! food panda!!!

  • Christopher Tulod

    McDonald’s in Foodpanda has 50% discount as long as you order at least 350 pesos. But Foodpanda didn’t honor it, said that McDonals doesnt have that promo, I presented them with screenshots as evidence but received by dumb CSRs. If you are using Foodpanda and going to avail a promo, have a screen recorder app so they can’t deny the evidence.

    • Matt

      Thank you for sharing your experience Sir Christopher!

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    HabalSend is now fast booming delivery app in philippines 100% filipino made app

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