Here are 5 Food Delivery Apps Popular in the Philippines

Food Delivery Apps refer to mobile applications (apps) for customers to browse restaurant menus, order food online, and have it delivered to their address.

Food Delivery Apps help customers browse menus of restaurants through their smartphones and a simple tap on the screen enables them to order food, process payment, and have the food delivered to their address. Food Delivery Apps are also used by customers to write positive or negative feedback about the food they ordered and the restaurant’s service.

Restaurants partner with these Food Delivery Apps to sell their dishes, accept payments, and deliver them to customer’s addresses. They feature their menus, cuisines, and promotions in the Food Delivery Apps to help customers become aware of them. The restaurants also know through the App about the customers’ feedback on their food products and services.

Food Delivery Apps connect customers and restaurants virtually. It also streamlines the process of ordering, payment, preparation, and delivery of the food for both parties.
philippines food delivery appsThe Food Delivery Apps popular in the Philippines are FoodPanda, Grabfood, Zomato, Jollibee App, and McDelivery PH. Below is the list.

1. FoodPanda Philippines

FoodPanda is one of the biggest Food Delivery Apps in the Philippines in terms of presence. They are in major cities in the country such as Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao City. They are also available in Baguio, Tagaytay, Naga City, and Cagayan De Oro.

Foodpanda has more than 400 registered restaurants that offer more than 30 different cuisines to satisfy your taste buds anytime and anywhere, even till the middle of the night.

Placing an order with FoodPanda is done online at or on Android or iOS devices via their App. Foodpanda accepts different payment options such as cash on delivery, PayPal, debit card, and credit card.

There are registered restaurants that have minimum order requirements. Delivery fee varies depending on your location. Some restaurants offer free delivery.

The FoodPanda App requires User registration. Users register using their Facebook account or by their full name, email address, mobile number, and desired password.

FoodPanda charges a delivery fee of 30 Pesos (0.53 USD) plus a service fee of 15 percent of the total food bill.

The estimated file size of the FoodPanda Philippines App is 212.3 MB for iOS and 25.19 MB for Android.
foodpanda an online food delivery apps in philippines

2. GrabFood

GrabFood is a Food Delivery App in the Philippines that started as a transportation network company that later on, expanded its service to food delivery in various countries in Southeast Asia. GrabFood operates in various cities in the Philippines.

Currently, they are available to customers in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Rizal, and Cebu City. They are continuously expanding to accommodate customers in other major cities in the Philippines.

Placing an order is very simple as it only requires 5 steps to complete the whole process. However, GrabFood’s delivery hours vary depending on the city it serves. GrabFood service also depends on the operating hours of the participating restaurants. If your chosen restaurant is not available during a particular time, grab will list it as unavailable.

To use GrabFood, install the Grab App on your iOS and Android devices. GrabFood requires member registration. To sign up for an account, you need to type in your full name, personal mobile phone number, and your valid email address.

GrabFood charges a delivery fee equivalent to the total food cost plus a delivery fee depending on the distance of pick-up and drop-off locations. GrabFood accepts payment methods including debit/credit cards, cash, and PayPal. They do not have a minimum purchase. The mode of payment accepted by Grab App is GrabPay credits and bank cards.

The estimated file size of the GrabFood Philippines App is 306 MB for iOS and 84.16 MB for Android.
grab app is a food delivery app philippines

3. Zomato PH

Zomato Philippines is a Food Delivery App that helps local food lovers determine the nearest and the best restaurants, cafés, and bars of a particular niche depending on their given location. They also help the users view the food menus, photos, reviews, and ratings for their chosen restaurant.

Currently, they have collections of top restaurants in Metro Manila, Cebu, Laguna, and Rizal arranged based on the type of meal whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Zomato also shows the respective type of cuisine, the estimated cost per two persons, the address, and the operating hours of restaurants.

Aside from that, Zomato also offers food delivery services based on the users’ given delivery address.

To sign up for Zomato PH, use any of the 3 options: your Facebook account, Google account, or your email address. The estimated file size of the Zomato PH App is 150.3 MB for iOS and 24.81 MB for Android.

zomato food delivery app philippines

4. Jollibee App (Philippines)

Jollibee App is another Food Delivery App that allows consumers to browse Menus, scan for deals, food ordering and customization, track delivery, and process payments.

The Jollibee App also helps consumers locate the physical stores near them based on their location. The app will also inform the consumers about the latter’s operating hours.

Consumers need to download and install the app on their smartphones. To order delivery, register for an account or use their mobile number. Once finished, they have to proceed to checkout to pay for their order.

Jollibee App charges a delivery fee which is equivalent to 10 percent of the total food bill.

The estimated file size of the Jollibee App is 46.4 MB for iOS and 18 MB to 20MB for Android.

jollibee food delivery app

5. McDelivery PH

McDelivery PH is a Food Delivery App that enables consumers to browse Mcdonald’s Philippines Menus, determine the nearest branch, order food, track orders, avail coupons, and pay for their order.

Consumers have to download the App and install it on their smartphones. New users sign up for an account in the App with their email account, Facebook, or Apple ID. Alternatively, they are allowed to order as guests. However, McDelivery PH has exclusive perks for registered users.

McDelivery PH charges a delivery fee of 49 Pesos (0.86 USD) per delivery.

The estimated file size of the McDelivery PH App is 53.8 MB for iOS and 18.42 MB for Android.

mcdelivery philippines food delivery app

How to Choose the Best Food Delivery App?

To choose the best Food Delivery App, download the listed mobile apps on your Smartphone and then use their services. Doing so will give you first-hand experience of their platform’s user interface. Determine if it is easy to use and if its features are beneficial for you as a consumer.

From there, you will know if they accommodate customers from your location, and become familiar with their tie-up restaurants. As we all know, some restaurants are partnered only with a particular Delivery App.

Afterward, order a few dishes to know their service fees. Particularly, the delivery fee per order and whether there is a required minimum delivery amount (in Philippine pesos).

Do Restaurants have Delivery Hotlines Numbers of their Own?

Yes, restaurants in the Philippines have their delivery hotline numbers to allow consumers to order dishes directly from them.

Is there still a LalaFood in the Philippines?

No, Lalafood stopped its operation in the Philippines. Lalafood announced on its Facebook page that it will stop its operation in the Philippines starting February 15, 2021.

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