Former EPS Worker in South Korea can file a Dormant Claim

Are you a former OFW (Ex – EPS worker) in South Korea? Chances are you still have unclaimed money in Korea which you can get by applying for a dormant claim.

As of April 2015, there are approximately 1.27 Billion Won (the currency of South Korea) that is unclaimed by the former Employment Permit System (EPS) workers. This is under the safekeeping of Dormant Claims Management Committee of the said country.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who previously worked in South Korea who was not able to receive payment for their Emigration Expiry and Departure Expense Insurance in the span of two years can file a dormant claim.

South Korea Dormant Claim Application Process

Verify if you are allowed to file a claim for Dormant Insurance

  • You can do this by calling 02-2119-2400, it is the call center number of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance that caters to foreign workers.

Visit any HRDKOREA CORP or EPS Center overseas

  • In the case of Filipino Workers they can visit EPS Center in the Philippines, Embassy of the Republic of Korea. The address is Suite 2002-A West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange at Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
  • Bring and submit the following documents: Passport photocopy / ID, photocopy personal bank account numbers, insurance application form, and other documents.

Payment for dormant claims will be received by the claimant

  • This is through bank transfer to their personal bank account.

Here is my reference:
South Korea former EPS workerFor complete details visit or the official website of POEA

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