Free Facebook for Globe and Touch Mobile Subscribers (No WiFi Needed)

Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers can now experience free Facebook with their internet ready phones.

There are lots of advantages if you can connect with Facebook for free without using WiFi. You can keep in touch with love ones and update your own status to let your friends know your whereabouts.

You don’t have to be near WIFI hotspot to do all these because Globe’s powerful network is making it possible for you. To join this free Facebook promo, you should be a subscriber of Globe (postpaid and prepaid) or Touch Mobile. Otherwise, you can get Globe or TM SIM in retailers near you.

If you already have globe or TM SIM just text GO then send to 2951 (free of charge) to received internet settings.
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There are 3 ways to enjoy Free Facebook (choose which one is applicable)

  • 1. You can dial *143# then choose FREE FB. In a short while you will receive a text with a link on it. Go to the link.
  • 2. Using your internet ready phone log on to and then go to “Start Now.”
  • 3. You can launch the Facebook app on your phone and then go to “Start Now.”

You can choose to stay connected on Facebook but if you go to external links, regular browsing rates will apply. This promo is available until April 25, 2014.

*photo screengrab on Globe’s official website

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