Free Twitter Background Installation Guide

Do you want to add some spark and personal touch with your twitter background? Then I suggest you read on since for sure this post will help customizing your twitter account so you can call it your own or at least make it a bit unique.

Twitter background before customization

Here’s the steps in customizing your twitter background:

Step 1 Log in with your twitter account (assuming you already have one)
Go to top right drop down navigation tab of your account. If will lead you to your account’s settings page.

Step 2 At the settings page go to design tab. Choose from the existing themes or you can browse for your preferred background images located in your PC. There are also cute twitter backgrounds that can be download online if somehow you find the pre-installed themes dull.

Step 3 If you chooses to use downloaded twitter background hit change background image tab then after you can customize the fonts, links, sidebar borders thru change design colors tab so it will blend perfectly with your chosen background images.

Step 4 After done customizing your twitter backgrounds and themes hit save changes.

Twitter Background after customization


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