Gab Valenciano Has Auditioned for America’s Got Talent Season 9 (Video)

Gab Valenciano, son of renowned performer Gary Valenciano has auditioned to popular talent search Americas Got Talent for the upcoming 9th season.

Gab confirmed on ABS-CBN News that he had auditioned in the talent search. He performed dance routine based on his super selfies. However, there is no news is the young performer make it through the screening.gab valenciano in americas got talent

Watch the Gab Valenciano in AGT season 9 Teaser video

Previously, Gab has captured the world’s attention by uploading 15 seconds video in his Instagram account and later on in Youtube. The video features him doing energetic dance steps, wearing tights aerobic-like clothes, and doing funny stuffs synchronously with a unique music that he also produced.

At first he was the only one featured in the video, but in recent uploaded super selfies, he was with father Gary V, family members, Sam Concepcion and 90’s popular dance group Manoeuvres. The noticeable thing is that he removes his shirt at the end part of every video.

Gab Valenciano name his videos “Super Selfie” because he is the one that shoot, edit, produce the music, and he is also the star performer in it.

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