Here are 6 Methods to Obtain PRN Number from SSS

Member obtains PRN number from SSS using the Mobile App and Website, Texting, writing an email, phoning the SSS Hotline, and visiting an SSS office. The fastest way to obtain a PRN number from SSS is by using the Mobile App.

PRN number in SSS is a unique identifier that members obtain from SSS to use for payments of their contributions and loans. An example of sss prn number is VA987654321012. PRN is an acronym for “Payment Reference Number.”

A PRN number obtained from SSS has no expiration date but has a due date which is 5 days after the payment deadline.

Each PRN is valid only for one-time use. This means that members must generate a new PRN number every time they make a payment transaction to SSS.

The advantage of getting a PRN Number is it allows the members to pay their contributions and loans to SSS through accredited collecting partners.

PRN Number enables the Social Security System to identify and validate payments made by members from these recognized collection partners. As a result, SSS credits the payments in members’ online records instantly.

A valid sss prn number cannot be changed, canceled, or deleted, but is replaceable by generating a new one because it is not permanent.
how to generate prn for sssLet us explore the methods to obtain a PRN number from SSS below.

1. Log in to SSS User Account Online

To get a PRN Number from the SSS website, log in to your account then at the homepage, mouseover to the Payment Reference Number (PRN) link on the Navigation Tab. Afterward, tap the Generate PRN.

This option requires that you already registered your sss number online. Below is the 3-step guide for this method which takes 1 minute to 2 minutes.

Step 1: Go to SSS website and log in with your account

Log in as an employer or as a member. Type in your registered User ID and password. Afterward, hit the submit button.

Step 2: Choose the Payment Reference Number (PRN) in the Navigation Tab

There are four choices in the navigation tab: Home, Member’s Profile, E-services, and Payment Reference Number (PRN). Go to the payment reference number tab.

Step 3: Get your Unique SSS PRN Number

On the PRN page, you have to select your membership type between OFW or Voluntary. You also need to indicate your applicable payment period in months and years. Then select the contribution amount.

Once you are done, SSS will show you the total amount you must pay at accredited banks or payment centers. Afterward, hit the “Submit Request” button to generate your PRN.
get sss prn at sss website

2. Text Short Codes to 2600

To generate a PRN Number in SSS through Texting, open the messaging app on your mobile phone. Type SSS PRN <SS Number> <PIN> <BDAY MM/DD/YY format> then send it to 2600.

Example: SSS PRN 3312345678 4321 11/12/81
Send it to 2600

This method is called “Text SSS”, an SMS-based service of the Social Security System. You must register your SSS ID number to this text-based service to use it. The time it takes to do this is 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

get sss prn number thru text

3. Sign in to SSS Mobile App

To get a prn number from SSS via the Mobile App, open the App on your smartphone and then sign in to your account. Tap Get PRN located at the bottom center of the mobile phone’s screen. This process requires that you register your existing sss membership number online. Below is the 2-step guide for this method which takes 45 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Step 1: Log in to your sss mobile app on your iPhone or Android devices

Locate the mobile app on your respective devices by swiping up/down, left/right on your mobile screen. Once you see it, open the app and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap the “Generate PRN” icon

The blue icon is on the bottom center of your mobile phone’s screen. Go to the icon to generate your PRN.

The advantage of generating sss prn via this option is you pay it directly to accredited payment partners such as bpi bank online, paymaya, or use your credit/debit cards.

use mobile app to get SSS PRN

4. Email SSS at

To get a PRN number from SSS by email, compose an email and send it to You will receive a reply from SSS between 1 day to 2 days.

Step 1: Write an email addressed to

In the email, you must include your particulars such as your complete name, sss number, and the period you want to pay your contribution. Also, include in the email the amount that you want to pay in accordance with the table of contributions.

Here is a sample email format:


Good day, please assist me in generating my sss payment reference number for my contribution payment. Here are my particulars:

Complete name:

SSS number:

Member type:

Applicable period of prn:



Your name here

Send this email to and wait for their reply.

Get a PRN by Writing an Email to prnhelpline

Step 2: Receive a copy of your PRN Number

Keep a copy of your unique PRN as it will be asked if you want to pay your SSS contribution online, at accredited banks, GCash, and respective payment centers.

5. Call the SSS Hotline

To obtain a prn number from SSS through phone, using your phone, dial 1-800-10-2255-777 or 920-64-46 to 55.

The former is the local toll-free telephone number of SSS while the latter is the PRN helpline. Phone these numbers from Mondays to Fridays. You need 3 steps to do this method which takes 10 minutes to 25 minutes.

Step 1: Pick up your phone

Before you call these helpline numbers. You must prepare your particulars such as your sss number, and complete name. In other words, make sure that your IDs are readily available. Afterward, dial the respective toll-free numbers or the PRN helpline telephone number.

Step 2: Request your PRN number to the SSS Staff

Politely request to the sss employee about your PRN number. Tell the employee the number of months of the contribution you want to pay and the amount.

Step 3: Write your PRN on a piece of paper

As I have mentioned earlier, PRN is a 14-digit letter and number combination. You will have a hard time memorizing it in a short period of time. So prepare a piece of paper and a black ballpen then write the PRN on it.


6. Visit the SSS Branch Office

To acquire a prn number from the SSS branch office, go to any SSS office near you and then talk to a customer service representative (CSR) for your PRN.

Bring valid identification cards when you visit an sss branch. It will help the SSS CSR to know your identity. You will spend 30 minutes to 1 hour at the branch.

visit sss branch to get prn number

What are the Different Modes of Payment to Pay SSS Contributions

The different modes of payment to pay SSS contributions are via GCash, PayMaya, Bank Cards, BPI Online, and over-the-counter. The fastest and most straightforward mode of payment is via GCash.

Other than the over-the-counter, each of the mentioned payment options requires that you sign up for an account with them. Afterward, proceed with the payment process for each option.

What should you do when the SSS PRN Generator in Mobile App or Website is Not Working?

Wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before you access again the SSS PRN generator. The generator stopped working at the moment because the website is overloaded with users. The best time to access the SSS PRN generator is during off-peak hours, from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.

How to Print a copy of SSS PRN?

To print a hard copy of your SSS PRN download the PDF copy of your PRN on your computer and then print it on 8.5 by 11-inch bond paper. This option is applicable if you generate your PRN at the SSS website.

How to pay Contributions and Loans without an SSS PRN Number?

To pay Contributions and loans without obtaining an SSS PRN Number pay it to the cashier in the SSS office. To do so, visit an SSS branch, and fill up an SSS payment slip form. Afterward, go to the cashier and pay your contributions and loans.

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