Get Your SSS PRN in 5 Easy Ways!

You need to have an SSS PRN before you can pay your SSS Contribution in accredited banks, Bayad centers, and online. In this post, I will show you the 5 different ways to get your SSS PRN as a voluntary member, as Self-Employed, or as an OFW.

SSS PRN stands for Payment Reference Number. It is a 14-digit Alphanumeric character that has 2 letters and 10 numbers. You can generate your PRN on the SSS website, in the Mobile App, or by visiting the SSS branch. Once you have your Payment Reference Number. You need to provide it to the Teller or Cashier before you can pay your SSS Contribution.

You need to be aware that SSS PRN has a due date. As a member, you need to be mindful of it. The reason is once it expires, you need to get a new one. Before doing an over-the-counter transaction at respective collecting partners.

SSS launched this type of payment option in January 2018. Its aim is to help the quick acknowledgment and validation of your contributions after paying them to accredited collecting partners. As a result, SSS will be able to reflect your payment to your my.sss account in real-time.

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5 Ways to Generate SSS PRN Easily

One of the main benefits of PRN is you can also use it to pay your SSS loans. Especially if you can do online banking at BPI, or have a paymaya, and/or use your bank cards.

Also, when you have a PRN at hand. You can visit the nearby accredited payment centers instead of going to the sss branch to pay your contribution.

As far as I know, there are 5 ways to generate your sss prn. The available options are through the official website of sss, by calling their sss hotline, by sending an email, via mobile app, and last is by visiting the sss branch. In this post, we will cover the steps for all the possible options.

Generate your PRN in SSS Mobile App

This process requires you to register your existing sss account online. It is a one-time process so expect it to be a bit confusing at first.

Assuming you are already registered, login to your sss mobile app then go to the “Generate PRN/SOA” icon. When you ran the app, this square icon is normally seen at the lower left hand side of your mobile phone screen.

The advantage of generating sss prn via this option is you can pay it directly to accredited payment partners such as bpi bank online, paymaya, or use your credit/debit cards.

generate sss prn for bpi online bank payment

Call the SSS Helpline Numbers

Before you call these helpline numbers. You have to prepare your particulars such as your sss number, and complete name. In other words, make sure that you can easily get your hands to your ids.

Also, you have to know the number of months of the contribution that you want to pay and the amount.

It is advisable that you have a pen and paper nearby so you can write on it your sss prn.

As I have mentioned earlier, PRN is a 14-digit letter and number combination. You will have a hard time memorizing it in a short period of time.

The local toll-free hotline number is 1-800-10-2255-777. For the prn helpline call 920-64-46 up to 55.

You can call these numbers from Mondays to Fridays.

Go to the SSS Branch near you

When you visit an sss branch, make sure that you carry with you your valid identification cards. In this way, the sss employee will be able to know your identity.

Similar to the other aforementioned options, you need to know the months that you want to pay and also the equivalent amount.

sss branches in the philippines

Send an email to to request for SSS PRN

You can send an email to sss helpline so they can assist you in generating your prn.

In the email, you need to include your particulars such as your complete name, sss number, and the period you want to pay your contribution. Also, include in the email the amount that you want to pay. This is in accordance with the schedule of contribution.

Here is a sample email format:


Good day, please assist me in generating my sss payment reference number for my contribution. Here are my particulars:

Complete name:

SSS number:

Member type:

Applicable period of prn:



Your name here

Send this email to

Go to the SSS website to Generate PRN online

This option also requires that you already registered your sss number online. Getting your SSS PRN (payment reference number) is quite easy if your SSS number is registered online at My.SSS facility. You only need 3 quick steps and probably less than 2 minutes of your time to have your PRN.

  • Step 1: Go to SSS website and log in with your account

You can either log in as an employer or as a member. Type in your registered User ID and password. Afterward, hit the submit button.

  • Step 2: Choose the Payment Reference Number (PRN) in the Navigation Tab

There are four choices in the navigation tab: the Home, Member’s Profile, E-services, and Payment Reference Number (PRN). Go to the payment reference number tab.

  • Step 3: Get your Unique SSS PRN Number

On the PRN page, you have to select your membership type between OFW or Voluntary. You also need to indicate your applicable payment period in months and years. Then select the contribution amount.
generate-prn-at-my.sss-websiteOnce you are done, SSS will show you the total amount that you need to pay at accredited banks or payment centers. Afterward, hit the “Submit Request” button to generate your PRN.

Keep a copy of your unique PRN as it will be asked if you want to pay your SSS contribution online, at accredited banks, GCash, and respective payment centers.

Can I Print a hard copy of my SSS PRN?

Yes, you are allowed to print a hard copy of your SSS PRN. All you have to do is download the PDF copy on your computer. Afterward, print it on 8.5 x 11-inch bond paper. This option however is only applicable if you generate your PRN at the SSS website.
sss prn sampleIn the PDF file, you will see the applicable period that you can use your generated prn. It will also show you your individual payment reference number, bar code, and the amount you need to pay. Furthermore, the PDF file will show your ss number and payor type.

Does SSS Payment Reference Number Have an Expiration Date?

Your SSS PRN has no expiration date. Instead, it has a due date that is relative to the “applicable period” or the last day your need to pay your contribution.

If you were not able to pay your contribution using the said PRN on or before the due date then it will become invalid. This just means you need to create a new one by following the 5 suggestions in this post.

Final Thoughts about the SSS PRN

There you go, guys! Getting a PRN or payment reference number is very simple. In my opinion, among the 5 possible ways, the most convenient for you is by generating it on the sss mobile app. Because in the App there is an option to pay it directly online.

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