How to Get to La Mesa Eco Park by Commute?

It’s been months since my family went to La Mesa Eco park, I can describe it as a paradise in the city where you can experience to walk in the forest and hear the sound of birds which can rarely experience nowadays in the Metro Manila.

La Mesa Ecopark is located approximately 25 kilometers north-east of Manila. It is one of the great travel destinations for a 1-day escape from the busy life in the city without actually going outside of the city. Simple because this 33-hectare ecopark is located in North Fairview, in Quezon City which is still part of Metro Manila.

Why Go to La Mesa Eco Park

Families can visit the La Mesa Ecopark to enjoy bonding moments with their loved ones at the same time appreciate the nature around them. This is also an opportunity for parents to teach their kids about La Mesa Dam as one of the main sources of potable water consumed by the residents in the Metropolitan area.

People from different parts of the Philippines can go there with their friends to do a picnic, swimming, photoshoot, horseback riding, simple strolling in the forest, zipline, bird watching, and so much more.

Employers of different companies can organize a team building for their employees in the La Mesa Ecopark for better socialization, improve communication, develop teamwork, stimulate imagination, and enhancing the overall performance of the company. The ecopark have pavilions that can house hundreds of people. Companies can utilize these facilities for their different functions and activities.

Schools should consider the park to visit in one of their field trips for their students. This will be an opportunity for both the teachers and pupils to bond with themselves, learn new and actual stuff regarding nature and the environment together. Students will be able to broaden their knowledge because of the real-life experience they will gain in La Mesa ecopark. Students can do fishing in the lagoon, see different types of birds with their naked eye, and have a close encounter with the butterflies. This type of leanings is on a different level when compared to the usual lessons found in textbooks and in classrooms.

La Mesa Ecopark is also a very popular place for couples who want to do a nature-themed prenup photoshoot for an affordable fee. They can utilize parts of the park as their background on their memorable pre-wedding photos.

La Mesa Ecopark Attractions

Aside from the saltwater swimming pool, there are more than five attractions that are available in the park.

Lopez Picnic Grounds

– Five hectares of picnic spots with grilling facilities

Superferry Boating Lagoon

– This is where you can experience a paddle boat ride just like what was in Manila Zoo.

Petron Fitness and Mountain Bike Trail

– If you want a full-body workout then this is the place for you, with matching shades of trees and fresh air.

Shell Flower Terraces

– This is where you can experience climbing the 125 steps stairs that is probably as high as the grotto of Baguio.

Butterfly Haven

– This attraction allows you to have a close encounter with different butterflies.

Fishing Lagoon

– A place where you can catch fish that you can take home for a per kilo basis fee. Fishing rod rental is also available for an affordable fee.

La Mesa Ecopark General Entrance Fee List (Updated)

  • Regular Admission for not QC Residents is – Php 50.00
  • 3ft and below – free entrance regardless of residency
  • QC Senior Citizens and Person with Disability (PWD) – Free entrance
  • Quezon City students and Residents (with valid ID and proof of residency) – Php 40.00
  • Non-Quezon City Residents and PWD – Php 40.00

Admission Fee per Attraction

  • Butterfly Haven which is Php 60.00 per person
  • Swimming Pool – Php 80.00 per person
  • Cottage – Php 500 per day
  • Fishing (catch your own fish) – Php 80.00 per kilo
  • Fishing Rod Rental – Php 30.00 per day
  • Duck and Fish Feeds for feeding – Php 15 per pack
  • Archery (for 1 person only no sharing) – 4 arrows for Php 50, and 10 arrows for Php 100

Photo and Video Shoot Fee

  • The initial rate is Php 500 inclusive of 4 persons free park admission.
  • There will be an additional Php 50 per person in excess of 4 pax.
  • There is an additional charge for use of other facilities (verify with the eco park administration)

La Mesa Ecopark Operating Hours

  • Monday – 8 am to 5 pm
  • Tuesday – 8 am to 5 pm
  • Wednesday – 8 am to 5 pm
  • Thursday – 8 am to 5 pm
  • Friday – 8 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday – 8 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday – 8 am to 5 pm

Note: Open on public holidays except on Christmas (December 25) and New Year (January 1).


  • Clinic and First Aid Station
  • Souvenir shops
  • Grilling and cooking station selected locations
  • Comport Rooms
  • picnic tables
  • Pavillions that can house 250 plus people
how to go to la mesa ecopark by commute featured

How to get to La Mesa Ecopark

There are many ways to get to the park, you can either commute such as by bus, jeep, or public transportation, by taxi, by Grab or bring your own car. For those who will go to the park by commute, here are the different ways I know to get to the place.

How to Get to La Mesa Ecopark from Pasay by Commute

Step 1: Ride Bus bound to SM Fairview

There are plenty of public utility buses passing by EDSA in Pasay. Ride the bus that has SM Fairview signboard.

Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Winston street tricycle terminal of East Fairview Park Subdivision

Step 2: Board the Tricycle going to Eco Park Entrance

There are lines of tricycles that are allowed to enter the subdivision in Winston Street terminal. Tell the driver that you are going to Eco Park.

Step 3: Arrive at Eco Park

Pay the required admission fee to enter the vicinity.

How to Get to La Mesa Ecopark from España Boulevard in Manila

For commuters just like us, if you’ll be coming from Espana or Quiapo it would be easier to take a Fairview-bound FX, bus, or jeepney.

Step 1: Ride any form of transportation in your area going to España Boulevard

There are many ways to get you to Espana boulevard in Manila, you can ride jeep bound for Morayta in CM Recto Avenue.

You can also ride jeep in Tayuman street that will pass by Espana.
So just ride any form of transportation to get you to Espana.

Step 2: Ride PUV bound to SM Fairview

From Espanya boulevard, you can ride bus, jeep, or FX bound to SM Fairview. Tell the driver to drop you off at East Fairview Park subdivision.

Step 3: Ride Tricycle going to La Mesa Ecopark

At the entrance of the subdivision, there is a tricycle terminal that can bring you to the ecopark.

How to Get to the Park from Alabang

Step 1: Ride Bus bound to SM Fairview

In Starmall Alabang bus terminal, you can ride bus going to SM Fairview.

Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Winston Street tricycle terminal at East Fairview Park Subdivision as you will go to La Mesa Eco Park. Afterward, alight at Winston Street tricycle terminal.

Step 2: Ride Tricycle going to Ecopark

At the front of the subdivision entrance, there is a terminal, board a tricycle that can bring you to the park. Tell the driver to drop you off in front of the park.

Step 3: Arrive at the Park

Pay the required entrance fee to enter the park.

How to get to the Park by Private Car

For those who will bring their own private transportation, what’s important is to reach the entrance of the East Fairview Park Subdivision which is Winston Street which has a tricyle terminal. From there you can ask the people around for the exact direction going to the eco park.

Notable landmarks that you are already near are Puregold NORTH Commonwealth, Fairview General Hospital Wilcon Depot Fairview, Honda Cars Fairview, and Robinsons Supermarket on the side of Commonwealth Avenue and Don Mariano Marcos Avenue (R-7).

La Mesa Ecopark Rules and Regulations

Just like in any other park, this one also has several rules that travelers and visitors need to follow to help maintain the beauty of the place. Follow the rules to enjoy the park hassle-free.

  • It implements a strict no littering and plant and flower picking policy. Those who will be caught are fined for Php 500.00
  • The use of Karaoke, videoke and loud music is prohibited
  • Alcoholic beverages and illegal stuff are also prohibited inside the vicinity
  • Only emergency and authorized motorized vehicles are allowed beyond the main entrance
  • The use of the swimming pool is for recreational purposes only from 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Sunday. No water baptismal activities in the pool
  • They do not allow Bonfire or campfire
  • No smoking in general, except in designated locations
  • No washing of clothes and utensils
  • Do not leave your belongings and valuables unattended
  • The picnic table is on a first-come, first-serve policy
  • Cooking and grilling are allowed in designated areas only
  • You can bring your own food
  • Beware of stray dogs and cats

*I hope this helps guys!

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