How to Get Philippine Postal ID in 3 Simple Steps

Your Philippine postal id or philpost id is one of the easiest identification cards that you can get from the government. You can process it in 3 simple steps. After the processing, the government institution will deliver the actual id card to your mailing address.

The postal id shows your photo, your picture’s ghost image, a hologram of the running philpost man, complete name, birthdate, your signature, and mailing address. It also has an infused UV ink and has a unique quick response QR code which is an added authenticity feature.

Despite being easiest to acquire, I should say, it’s not your usual id card. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features to address concerns such as misrepresentation on the side of the bearer.

Moreover, the government personnel and tellers can verify if the id is authentic even without using sophisticated machines. Also, If the philpost id is subjected to UV light, the UV ink will illuminate.

Reasons to get a Philippine Postal ID

There are probably a lot of reasons, but I think these are the most common.

It is a Valid ID in the Philippines

Public and private institutions like banks accept it to verify the identity of the bearer prior to making any transaction with them.

For example, one of the biggest bank in the Philippines such as Metrobank and Banco de Oro (BDO) accept postal id if you plan to open a savings account with them.

It serves as a privilege card

Another benefit of this government-issued ID is receiving discounts, freebies, product upgrades from respective establishments and merchant partners. For example, you can enjoy a 10 percent discount on your transactions in Mrs. Fields cookies, and in the Salad bar.

In addition, you can receive a 20 percent discount on all products and a free eye examination in Acebedo optical shop when present your Postal id.

The theme parks Avilon zoo offers a 30 percent discount to cardholders and its 5 companions. On the other hand, you can get a 10 percent discount on regular day pass tickets in the Enchanted Kingdom.

It is easy to Acquire

Yes, as I have mentioned earlier, applying for a postal id is as easy as 1-2-3. Philpost will also deliver the card to your address once you complete the processing. The good news is that even foreigners living in the Philippines can apply for it. They just need to provide the requirements asked by Philpost.

So, if you need an additional id in your arsenal of identification cards, then you should definitely consider getting the new postal id. Fortunately, you only need 3 simple steps to get it.

philippine postal id requirements

How to get PhilPost Postal ID in the Philippines

Step 1. Prepare the requirements

You have to fill up two copies of the postal id application form. The form is available online at for free.

Aside from the completely filled out form, the requirements include 1 document or ID that can show proof of your identities such as a birth certificate from the Philippine statistics authority/NSO, UMID ID for privately employed persons, and GSIS iD for the government employees. In addition, you can also present your passport and driver’s license.

There is an additional requirement for married females which is the marriage certificate. The reason is you need to show the details of your change of status from single to married.

Assuming you do not have any of the prior requirements. There are many alternative IDs and documents that you can present. However, you need to present at least two of them. One of which should show your photo and signature.

Provide one document that shows your proof of address. The common examples are barangay certificates, credit card statements, school billing statements, and utility bills. The utility bills from Meralco, Maynilad, PLDT telephone, and Globe postpaid plan are accepted. You can check the philpost website the other documents to show proof of your address.

Prepare also an id application and delivery fee equivalent to 504 pesos.

Step 2. Visit the post office branch for biometrics collection

Upon completion of the requirements, submit it at the post office branch near you. The branch will also collect your biometrics such as your digital photo, fingerprint, and your signature.

According to philpost, there are more than 260 locations including in malls across the country that you can visit for submission of your requirements and biometrics.

Step 3. Philpost delivers your id to your address

When you successfully complete steps 1 and 2. Also, you were able to pay the processing and delivery fee. Philpost will now deliver your id to your mailing address.
At this time, all you can do is wait.

The estimated delivery time to metro manila residents is 10 to 15 working days. If you are living in provinces and remote areas expect to receive it within 4 to 5 weeks.

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Postal ID Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity of the Postal ID?

  • Your postal ID is valid for 3 years if you are a citizen of the Philippines.
  • If you are a Foreigners holding a diplomatic visa, long-stay visitor visa, temporary resident visa, and/or Special Resident’s Retiree Visa. Your postal validity is 3 years
  • For foreigners with Alien certificate registration identity card or equivalent documents issued by DFA or Bureau of Immigration. Your postal ID validity is only 1 year.

How much is the Processing Fee?

For you to get a Philpost ID, you need to shell out an amount equivalent to Php 504. The latter is the cost of the ID card itself plus the delivery fee which is equal to Php 450 multiplied by 12 percent value-added tax.

You might think that it’s expensive. However, in my opinion, its value for money because of the benefits and privileges that it can give you.

Imagine you can have a 50 percent discount on the Entrance fee at Splash Island from Monday to Friday. If you choose to enjoy the water theme park during Saturday or Sunday and holidays for the month of November, December, and Summer, you can get a 30 percent discount on the entrance fee. This alone can outweigh the cost of processing the ID.

List of institutions that accept the postal ID

The postal ID is recognized by government institutions, banks, and remittance centers. For example, you can present your phlpost ID when you want to process your Philippine passport in any DFA branch. The said ID is also honored as proof of your identity when you open a savings account in Philippine major banks. Western Union also accepts the postal ID if you plan to send or receive money to and from your relatives overseas.

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