Globe Broadband Hotline (Talk2Globe)

For sure you came here because you want to know about globe broadband hotline (Talk2Globe). I also began to search for their hotline since I am currently experiencing an internet connection problem for the past two weeks.

There are ways to know the globe broadband hotline. If you still have your monthly landline / broadband billing statement you can find at the upper portion their talk2globe numbers. If you haven’t, with your globe landline you can call 171, or (02) 7301000 and with your globe powered mobile phones simply dial 211.

globe hotline numberstalk2globe hotline numbersOnce connected, follow the instructions to connect to the concerned departments. You can also send them an email through talk@globedotacomdotph (replace the dot with a real dot).

Aside from the hotline numbers, you can also reach Globe telecom through various social media platforms. You can visit their official Facebook page, their official Twitter account @talk2globe, and you can also talk to them using FB messenger.

If you want to talk to any globe customer service representative in person, you can go to their stores near your location. Currently, they have 200 stores nationwide that can accommodate and address your concerns.

For the complete list of stores, simply visit their official website Usually, their stores are located inside the malls so it’s basically easy for you to find them.

Just a reminder, if you have plans of going to their stores, you have to determine their office hours so you can schedule your visit to the latter.

As of the writing, I do not have a problem with my broadband connection. Hopefully, if I encounter issues,  I do not have to wait days or weeks for their technicians to arrive at my house to fix the intermittent internet connection concerns.

As for you reading this, I hope that they will be able to troubleshoot your internet connection problem today too. There you go guys if you have a network connection problem contact globe broadband hotline now.

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  • Jon

    Well Globe has a huge network problem that is affecting both business and home Broadband Subscribers. I’m in Tabaco City Albay and am getting 0.25Mbps down and 0.05Mbps up. Skype doesn’t work… disconnect every 2min. I’m going to switch to Smart or Sun Broadband within the next week. They want their 1000p from me now. I told them pickup their modem. Hahahaha

  • Ellen Grace Tarroquin

    How can I fix my tattoo stick? Please answer now

  • marie

    i am a globe tattoo subscriber but unfortunately my tattoo stick got lost last september/october 2012…and since then i haven’t use my stick….just like to inform so globe will no longer send me billing since i no longer use that tattoo internet plan with acct no.-57583112 and tattoo cp no -09175569290….FYI….thank you….

  • lyrio

    I reall’y need some help my internet is too slow plsss…I’m begging pls help me.

  • aries tiongson

    why my globe brodband not connected im pay the bill please help me to conect my account

  • zadoor

    How can i fix my globe broadband globe? we registered our globe internet to a 10 mbps speed but when i tested it only 0.17 mbps on download and 0.22 mbps on upload appeared? where did our 10 mbps go? can you fix this globe?

  • Chembelyn pomasin

    My Globe home wifi is change the password we dont know why ..we cant connect and we dont know the password plss help us to find out .thank you

    • Matt

      I think you need to inquire directly to Globe regarding your concern.

  • Ramil

    Why nobody wants to talk to us when connection has problem.

    • Matt

      I can relate to you sir.

  • Alicia B. Guy

    Since tomorrow our globe at home internet had no signal.. i paid my due on time..
    What happened to your service??

  • Celso Dorado Jr

    Our landline and internet were disconnected since Saturday(October 5, 2019) starting at 7:00 am until now. Please process our connection. I have no outstanding balance. Thank you.

  • Armela Padua

    Hi there, just wanna why still the internet connection is keep on disconnected. We already paid our monthly bill on May 22, 2020. Please advise the status of our connection.. as we need the connection badly.

    Your immediate assistance requirednon this matter.

    Thank you.

    Yours truly…

  • John Marzan

    why my globe bayan tel not connected i already paid the bill please help me to conect my account, out going connection and internet connection.

    Account Number :
    Date Paid
    1. 09 June 2020 – Php 2,000.00
    2. 29 June 2020 – Php 3,195.00

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