Globe and TM Subscribers can Access eTesda Website No Data Charge

Philippine-based telecom network provider Globe Telecom and subsidiary Touch Mobile (TM) will grant its subscribers access to the website free of data charge and even without a load.

Yes, Globe Telecom announced on its official website that their 90 plus million subscribers can learn different online based courses of the training institution for free without incurring data charges. They can visit the tesda website and access the learning materials even with a zero load balance.

Globe and tesda’s partnership will surely widen the reach of the government agency. They can help more Filipinos that want to learn new skills available in the online program.

Globe and TM subscribers can visit the e-tesda website at any given time. They can do so even while on the go using their smartphones. Tesda has numerous free web-based training available for telecom subscribers. The courses include but not limited to agriculture such as fruit cultivation, housekeeping NC, computer systems servicing, automotive, electronics, electrical, and many more.

globe tm tesda online program However, free data access of Globe is limited only to viewing the learning materials within the website.

Globe’s offering does not cover other resources such as youtube videos and links going to the website of different organizations. To access the learning materials such as videos and outside links, subscribers need to use wifi or mobile data.

To give you an idea, by utilizing Globe’s free data access, you can study an online class in TESDA using your mobile device. What you need to do is just fill out the online enrollment form completely. Tesda will then send a new account confirmation link to your email.

Globe and TM subscribers free data access does not cover outside link so do not open your email yet. To avoid data charges, open your email only when you have an available wifi connection. So you can complete the enrollment process.

Login to your e-tesda account by utilizing the Globe’s free data access and start learning any of your chosen courses. Enjoy learning and Good luck!!!


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