Globelines Broadband DSL Plus Landline Bundle Plan 1295 Review

My brother subscribed to Globelines Broadband DSL plus Landline bundle Plan 1295. For the benefit of others who have no idea plan 1295 has a 1Mbps plus landline.

It only took 3 days for Globe technicians to do the installation so far that was considerably fast. He’s been using this service from Globe for a month now, yet he has no complaints. I’m also a globelines subscriber in fact I created a review of Globe Broadband DSL 10 months ago.

Globe Broadband Bundle

Globe Broadband new modem design

I think one month is not enough to judge the quality of service that Globe  broadband offers so I’ll be updating this review from time to time if there are changes like for example about the download rate, connection speed and after-sales service that it offer.
You can check here my latest Globe Broadband DSL Speed Test which I did last November 2013.

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  • Chin Reyes

    sir ask ko lng po ..anu max. download speed ? 1mbps + landline ? 60 kbps b ?

    • matt

      average is 100KBps dito sa tondo. :-)

  • matt

    Sure once I update this post.

  • matt

    Hi, Ping ko is 46ms then download rate -105.9Kb/s, upload rate – 42.8Kb/s. :-)

  • mattscradle

    Hi Sheryl just go to the nearest globe office in malls.

  • mattscradle

    Hi Ekstranghero. Pwede naman po sya tumawag sa ibang network at hindi din po mahirap maka connect.

  • rheynar

    ilan po ung pwding units sa 1mbps broadband dsl

  • annie

    thank you po sa reply…

    • mattscradle

      Your welcome. :-)

  • louie

    may extra fee pa ba ung telephone o kasama na sa monthly fee na 1295 a month?

    • mattscradle

      kasama na po yun sa monthly bill.

  • ruben

    It’s disappointing.
    It’s frustrating.
    It sucks.

    GLOBE SUCKS ASS ALWAYS Connection Reset in my damn connection

  • joy

    hi! ask q lng po how much ung installation fee ng globelines broadband?

    • mattscradle

      Hi sa pagkaka tanda ko less than P1000.

  • SpyTech

    GLOBE Broadband sucks for old users! Intermittent Connection to No Dial tone!!!!! Globe really sucks!! btw its what I’m using now hayz…

  • mattscradle

    Hi Ma’am Nikki, Ok naman po sa area namin ang globe dsl.

  • edgardo valentona

    I am an extremely disappointed subscriber of Globe broadband landline bundle. Everytime it rains my internet connection stops and my landline has no dialtone. Lately the worst happened. I reported the issue to the Globelines hotline and the person who answered gave me a job order number and assured me that their technician will be at my house Monday morning to repair the problem. He did not. My wife called Monday night and the CSR, a Mr. Alcantara, gave another job order number and swore the technician will be in my house Tuesday morning. Aside from having no internet and no dialtone for 2 days already, I absent-mindedly called our house wanting to talk to my son. Lo and behold, the phone rang but it was answered by another subscriber. I do not know if Globelines or their technicians are making money by lending my line to another person but I think the culprit should be apprehended. Its Tuesday after noon already and until now my phone is still being answered by the other party. So much for after-sales service cause I do not think Globe has any.

  • Lloyd

    I applied for globe bundle last october 2012 because of their promo, the promo was 1st month free. Now I have overdue account because they billed my october plus the succeeding months, and they did not send a billing statement until now. They just keep calling my land line to settle my account. I’m so frustrated, I’m a globe user since the cellphones came here in Philippines. Is this how they thank their users?

  • krizha

    i subscribe in globe tattoo dsl plus landline last dec.12 and now they emailed my bill and i get shock when i read the bill its stated that i will pay 1,716.14 i assumed that my monthly payment is 1299 because thats the bundled i choose. Anybody got the same experience? I want to know if it will be my monthly bill ?

    • jcx

      hi krizha, ganun din sakin yung bill? anu sabi sau ng globe?

      • Kath

        I think installation fee yun, which is 1k sabi nung agent sakin payable in 3 months daw un and lilitaw sa bill.okay po ba ung mga connection nio?I saw dun sa isang blog na may daily cap daw ung internet usage

  • mattscradle

    I do agree with that.

  • ladz

    still thinking na mg apply kc need ko tlga ng dsl i teach at home kc. wlang port available ang pldt dto. reading through the comments, prang nakakaloka ata. eniweis, try ko din un plan P1299 2 mbps w/landlyn

  • zf98

    ok po ba ang signal ng globe dsl sa sampaloc area near ust? thanks

  • supladita

    my line n po b ang GOLBE s FAIRVIEW s loob po ng SMILE CONDOMINIUM???

  • H.van looken

    LONG TIME AGO i ask globelines to send my bills to my e mail address, several times i claim ,they will do ,promise again and again but NO results
    before i received the globelines bills by courier(verry irregular)but now since more or less one year no more
    RESULT call to globe lines is useless. yes several call that i must pay , that they will cut the conetion,i go to ormoc to inform and they give mi of coarse the is the fault of globelines that my payements are irregular , but yes i pay, CAN GLOBELINES SEND THE BILLS TO MY E MAIL ???? OR MUST I TRAVEL EVERY MONTH 60 kM TO ORMOC TO OBTAIN THE BILLS

  • Badong

    Globe Co. is one the worse isp. They are selling you product that re not really delivering what you are paying for.
    Rubbish company, it’s rubbish.
    I just wish that other country would come and invest here in Philippines so that all this rubbish company will go bankruft.
    Globe is rubbish. Worse service. Tell all the worse thing and i tell your that is Globe company. Rubbish.
    They always say sorry. Bear with us. In business its not like that. I will accept it if they will not ask me to pay.
    No need to say sorry. Just tell me you dont need to pay us for our bad service. Actually, that should be the way.
    Why pay for rubbish thing. Do you wanna eat shit? The go for Globe. The best in shitty service.

  • Juanted

    Hi Sir,

    I got Plan 5mbps DSL and that is 1599 Php.
    but on my bill I got 1599 (MRF) + tax.
    However I applied for it because it is tax inclusive.

    Globe = false advertisement? wrong billing

  • GTR

    Hi! This is cable type right? Not LTE? Nowadays I think wireless will be much better, cable type are prone corrosion on lines etc. because it’s exposed to weathering.

    • Matt

      I think so too. Though, during the rainy season, I think wireless is still not reliable as compared to cable type.

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