Globelines Broadband DSL Plus Landline Bundle Plan 1295 Review

My brother subscribed to Globelines Broadband DSL plus Landline bundle Plan 1295. For the benefit of others who have no idea plan 1295 has a 1Mbps plus landline.

It only took 3 days for Globe technicians to do the installation so far that was considerably fast. He’s been using this service from Globe for a month now, yet he has no complaints. I’m also a globelines subscriber in fact I created a review of Globe Broadband DSL 10 months ago.

Globe Broadband Bundle

Globe Broadband new modem design

I think one month is not enough to judge the quality of service that Globe  broadband offers so I’ll be updating this review from time to time if there are changes like for example about the download rate, connection speed and after-sales service that it offer.
You can check here my latest Globe Broadband DSL Speed Test which I did last November 2013.

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