Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse Review and Specs Philippines

This Glorious Model O is a lightweight gaming mouse that has an impressive trendy design and packed with essential features for every user, not just gamers.

I am using a wireless gaming mouse for more than two years now from a different brand. However, I have to say that I am no expert in giving reviews about gaming mice.

What I am going to share with you here are just my comments about the design and features of the mouse as a first-time user of the glorious model o gaming mouse.

At first glance, I know the mouse is going to be lightweight because of its honeycomb chassis. Its design also got my attention because it is my first time seeing a hollow-looking mouse yet has so much RGB around its body. At least if I compared it to my Logitech G703 gaming mouse.

The box of the glorious model o looks simple but has a premium feel on it. It is compact and sturdy as well. You can compare the latter to the box of a high end mobile phone.

model o box mouse

The Glorious Model O packaging is pretty straightforward. When you lift the box cover you will immediately see the unit. Aside from the Model O mouse, you will also receive user manuals, leaflets that showcase Ascend’s products such as “Mouse Bungee,” “Mechanical keycaps,” “Mousepad,” and switches.

The package also comes with stickers which you can attach to the back of your laptop to show that you are using one of the best gaming mice out there.

unboxing of model o gaming mouse

Glorious Model O Mouse design is sleek and unique. When it is turned on, it is glowing inside out. The honeycomb body also allows you to see the parts of the mouse.

I do not have big hands as i am not tall. But it feels that the mouse is perfect for my grip.

Probably because even though it has a longer body as compared to my current gaming mouse, It is not bulky. These features probably compensate for it.

glorious model o gaming mouse

This Glorious Model O mouse features 6 programmable buttons. There are so many RGB lights around its body which you can also program via the Model O software.

The RGB lights are programmable with up to 9 lighting effects. You can set it to “Glorious Mode” and other lighting options. If you are annoyed with the led light (which is highly unlikely), there is an option to turn it OFF. You can download the software at to enjoy more lighting settings. You can set the RGB up to 16.8 million colors.

There is also a dedicated LED light for the DPI located at the bottom of the mouse’s body. The light changes its color as you adjust the dpi. The default light is “Red” which is equivalent to 1600 dpi.

dpi location glorious gaming mouse

My model o mouse is the wired or cable version. There is a big “but.” Its texture is not like the usual cable feel that you can experience from other wired gaming mice.

The wire feels and looks like a yarn. I said it as a compliment. Model O’s cable is very light and flexible like the yarn.

What’s really awesome is it feels like it is a wireless mouse even though it is obviously not. I wonder how they do it but it’s really awesome. Moreover, you do not need a mouse bungee to manage the mouse’s cable.

mouse cable

As aforementioned, I use a wireless gaming mouse for more than two years. Which means I need to charge it every other day. It is the time that it is awkward to use the mouse because of the attached charging cable.

The reason is I have to bear that dragging or resistance feeling that the cable gives. It is like I have to exert more effort to glide the mouse as I use it. Fortunately, I do not have that feeling when I use the glorious model o wired version.

The model o mouse is surprisingly very light. It is only 67 grams as stated in the box. I can actually feel it as I maneuver it on the mousepad. Because it is lightweight there is no tension as I use it.

As of the moment, you can get the glorious model o mouse in matte white, matte black, glossy white, and glossy black. I have with me a matte white version. But you can change the cable to a different color. You can choose from 8 available colors to really make your mouse stand out from the rest. The G-Skates are also replaceable. The spare parts are available on the model o’s official website.

The Model O software is user-friendly. For non-techies and just want to plug their mouse on their pc and play. The user interface of the model o  software is user-friendly. However, you can only run the software if the device connected to your PC. Otherwise, you will receive a “Device is disconnected” notification.

model o software user interface

You can customize all the available features in one single window. Just browse all the available tabs. You can become familiar with it easily. 

Glorious Model O Mouse Technical Specifications

  • Sensor – Pixart PMW-3360 sensor
  • Button numbers – 6 buttons including the two buttons on the left side
  • Cable type – ultra-flexible Ascended cord
  • Cable length – 2 meters or 6.56 foot
  • Mouse feet – G-Skates premium mouse feet
  • Switch type (main) – Omron mechanically rated for 20 million
  • Dedicated dpi indicator – yes located at the bottom of the mouse
  • Remappable DPI – Yes (needs software that you can download in Model O’s website)
  • Software compatibility – Windows 7 and above
  • RGB Led lights – yes with 16.8 million colors and 8 effects, adjustable without software, can be disabled
  • Warranty –  2 years according to the box

You can get the model o in the Philippines in Lazada and Shopee for the price of PHP 2900.


If you are in need for a new mouse, this glorious model o mouse whether with cord or wireless is worth the try.

I bought the device because I wanted to try other brands. Based on my experience, it is value for money. It is also affordable as it is only around 60 USD or Php 2900 pesos. All in all, i am satisfied and did not regret my decision.

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