Easy: How to Register to Globe GoExtra90 Promo?

Goextra90 is another load promo from Globe that you will not be able to resist if you are a prepaid subscriber. This promo is packed with lots of extra perks you can enjoy for the full 7 days of your subscription. The cost of this promo is PHP 90, which is roughly 13 pesos per day only. It’s very affordable.

With globe’s go extra 90, you will enjoy unlimited SMS to all networks. That’s right! When you register to go extra 90, on your globe prepaid sim. You will be able to send unlimited text to your friends from another network such as those smart, sun, and tnt users.

Also, the promo enables you can call your relatives, friends, and loved ones anytime you want. If they are also a globe or tm subscribers. Stay in touch with them for as long as you want to lessen your worries whenever you guys are far from them.

Aside from the before mentioned unli calls and text. The goextra90 comes with a whopping 8GB data allocation. Wow! In addition to that, you will also enjoy another 1 GB of data when you connect to gowifi hotspots. These hotspots are in malls, public transportation hubs, and any place that has a gowifi.

So at home or in open spaces, you can use your 8GB of data. When you are in a public place like those I have mentioned. You can connect to gowifi to allocate your data for other important matters.

All in all, you can use this 9 GB of internet data to stay connected online. Enjoy watching Korean tv series, play your favorite mobile legends online, and about anything.

For work from home parents, if you will register to goextra90. For only 90 pesos per week, you will be worry-free. You can consider the promo as a backup internet to your wired home wifi. You can subscribe to the promo to keep you connected with your colleagues during zoom meetings and presentations.

Meanwhile, Your kids can stay focused on his/her homeschooling even if they experienced internet disruption caused by your home broadband internet connection.

Globe’s Go Extra 90 Promo perks

  • 8GB of data you can use on any site
  • Extra 1GB of free data when you connect to gowifi hotspots
  • Enjoy unlimited calls and text to tm and globe subscribers
  • Enjoy unlimited text to all telco networks such as sun, smart, and tnt
  • Promo validity is 7 days starting from the day of your registration
  • Load balance needed is Php 90
how to register to goextra90

How to Register to Globe’s GoExtra90

There are three ways to register for this promo. You can either register using your gcash app, globeone app, or via text *143#.

1. Get the load using your gcash app

Select the promo that is exclusive to gcash users by visiting the “Only on GCash” tab. From there you can select the goextra90 promo. Verify if you have enough regular load.

2. Get the load via globeone app

You can log in to your account. In the dashboard, go to the “buy promos” icon located on the upper part of the page.

On the new page, go to “exclusive.” From there select goextra90 and register via the “get this” link. Make sure that you have a PHP 90 or higher load balance to avoid any issues.

globeone mobile app

3. Register via Gcash text or SMS *143#

  • On your mobile device, dial *143# then press the phone icon
  • From the choices select “Gcash”
  • then Buy Load
  • select “Globe”
  • choose “Load Promo”
  • select “Online on GCASH”
  • in the list of Load Promo, choose “GoEXTRA90”
  • enter the mobile number where you will load the promo

load goextra90 via text in globe

How to check goextra90 data balance

There are two ways to check your GoExtra90 data balance. You can either login to your Globe one app and check it at the “App Data” balance on the dashboard. Or you can text “DATA BAL” and send it to 8080.

How to Stop GoExtra90 Subscription

To unsubscribe text GOEXTRA90 and send it to 8080.

Afterward, you will receive an SMS notification informing you that you have successfully stopped your subscription to GoExtra90.

Final Thoughts

By far, GoExtra90 is the best and most sulit promo that I have experienced from Globe, yet. In fact, I do not know how I am going to use up all those 9GB in just 1 week hahaha. Anyway, having to think about how or where to consume the 9 GB data is a good problem than not having enough data. Right?

There you have it guys. I hope this helps!

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