Google Glass on CDR King Soon, Specs, Price and Release Date

CDR King announced on their official Facebook page that the highly anticipated device from American tech giant – Google Glass will be available at their stores soon.

CDR King released a poster that says “Get ready to experience Google Glass in our store.” This is accompanied by a caption: See Things Like You’ve never Seen Before. Look out for Google Glass in the CDR King store! A stylish and classy way to see your screen. Google on the Go!
cdr king google glassThe release of this teaser makes their customers puzzled (including myself) if this is really the actual device made by the tech giant from the US or just some (you know what I mean) from other countries. I also wonder how it will be priced since if it’s the real thing, its cost will be $1500 or around 65000 Philippine pesos though there are reports online that making one would only cost 47 pounds or 3500 pesos.

On Facebook, one of their product inquiry representatives, Mark answers queries of interested customers about the price and release date and also if there is a pre-order. He, however, cannot give any details yet when comes to their concern.

CDR King Google glass specs: To be determined
Price: TBD
Released Date: TBD

CDR King is very popular as a one-stop-shop when comes to cheaper gadgets and tech stuff needs of local customers. They are the “word of mouth” and the first thing that comes to mind when comes to affordable devices. Being so, they are considered to be established in this type of market. Who knows, they are now venturing into selling high-end devices like that spectacle from the US-based tech giant.

What can you say about it? For me, if my pocket can handle it, I would be willing to give it a try ( just for the experience).

Update: Based on CD-R King’s latest announcement on their social media page, the much anticipated Google Glass will not be available in their store  (read the details below)

cdr king will not launch google glass

I will update this post once CDR King released more details about their Google glass.

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