Google PH Pays Tribute to OFWs, Watch This Very Touching Video

Google Philippines pays tribute to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) this Christmas by uploading a very touching video titled ‘Miss Nothing’ in Youtube.

The 1 minute 40 seconds video features the lives of different Filipino workers all over the world. It shows the sacrifices of OFWs that have to endure, leaving their family behind and work abroad to give a better future to their kids.

The video features OFWs that have different nature of work (caregivers, laborers, chefs, and seamen) at the background is the voice of a girl is singing ‘You’ a hit single by a Filipino Balladeer – Basil Valdez.

Watch Miss Nothing video below:

The video also features different apps and devices made by Google that help OFWs get connected to their love ones in the Philippines. Apps like Google Earth, Youtube, Google+, Hangouts, and android devices are present in the video.

The ‘Miss Nothing’ video has received positive remarks from the viewers in Youtube. Most of them told that they got a teary-eyed after watching it.

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