GotYa Face Trap Security App for Android and IOS Phones

Getting an Android phone or iPhone would take away months of your savings. It’s difficult to admit that your hard-earned Smart Phone can be stolen easily by some people with just a flick of the finger.

Do you know that with the help of GotYa Face trap Security App there is a possibility that you can trace the person who stole it and possibility of get it back to the palm of your hand?

Got Ya Face trap is a top security app that allows you to figure out who stole your android phone. If you suspect someone has stolen your phone, the app will take snapshots and get the culprit’s location using a front-facing camera. This will take place when they entered the screen lock PIN code is wrong for several times. The whereabouts will be sent automatically through your indicated email.

This app helps the owner to determine location of lost android phone, find friends place, and tracked the places visited by family members which include your husband / wife (yay!!!). The app is also good when you want to know if office mates tried to use your phone when left unattended inside drawer slide under your desk.

GotYa Face trap brings peace of mind. It is also a cheaper alternative to mobile phone insurance since it cost only P105.64 if downloaded in Google play and $4.99 in itunes.

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