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Green Barley is “A Miracle Food” which according to their flyers was mentioned 37 times in the bible for food and medicinal purposes. Few months ago I made a post about pure barley where according to April Boy Regino he was helped to be cured from his illness (prostate cancer) by taking Sante pure barley products. Green Barley is distributor in the Philippines by Healthwealth International Corporation a company different from Sante but then it also offer barley products.

I’m a bit skeptical with the details on their flyers so I made a research and it seems true that US FDA allows the consumption of Barley Products. Green Barley is organic and natural approved by BFAD with number. FR 64136.

green barley philippines

Nutrients found in Green barley:
– 11 times the calcium of pure cow’s milk
– 5 times the iron in spinach
– 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges
– 2 times the Beta Carotene in carrots
– 80mg more of Vitamin B12 per hundred grams

Green Barley Benefits:
– may help lower and or normalize sugar and cholesterol level
– may help in weight loss
– help boost immune system
– helps cure skin diseases and ulcers by promoting the growth of new cells

Green Barley is suitable for people who suffer from most of these following symptoms:
*Bronchial Asthma
*Prolapse of Stomach
*Rheumatic Heart Fever
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
*Cervical Ulcer
*Seksual Impotence
*Kidney Disease
*Shortness of Breath
*Colon Prolapsed
*Kidney Stone
*Stroke Edema
*Liver Cirrhosis
*Thyroid Problem
*Low Sperm Count
*Macular Degeneration
*Toxic Blood and Acidosis
*Mental Tiredness
*Toxins in the body
*Underweight and Malnutrition
*Muscle and Nerve Pain
– Epilepsy
*Muscular Dystrophy
*Gall Stone
*Weakness of Lower Leg, etc…

If you are interested to buy green barley products just hit the comment for sure I can be of help.

* Details from flyers and their website

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  • Vivian M. Velasco

    May I inquire where I can buy Green Barley. Pls. give me the the exact add and contact numbers If you have. Thank you.

    • mattscradle

      I’m selling green barley. If you need it I can help you.

  • Grace Francisco

    Is Green Barley in tablet form? How long to use 1 bottle?

    • mattscradle

      Hi Grace, Green barley is in powder form but have to mix it with a 250ML water. As a normal food supplement it would take 7 days to consume 1 bottle.

  • Perdaos M. Tampi


    We would like to be your distributor here in Saudi Arabia and we want to know your requirements.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Note: We are group of Filipinos working here in Saudi Arabia.
    we have Saudi Company to license the distribution.

  • Alberto P Guindayan Jr

    I want this barley but too expensive. how about TB can it cure?

  • ady ocampo

    can green barley cures varicous veins? tnx

  • june

    are they all the same. green barley, barley grass, barley powder, barley tablets, barley capsule, etc. do they have the same effect same as the juice or powder juice. i’m confuse. i’m in the u.s. and i want to know if i can get it here with other brand new and will have the same effect.

  • lot yutangco

    is green barley can cure tics patient?

  • sarah

    Is the green barley selling in Divisoria ( 168 mall Chinese drug store) is original and not fake ?

  • Joe

    nagiiba ba ng bottle ang green barley magkaiba yung 2 bottle na nasaken.

  • aileen

    I want to be a dealer of Green Barley & Sante Pure Barley from New Zealand. The same lang company lang po ba sila? How can I be a dealer?Is there any requirements? Thank you.

  • cyrus

    Pls. contact me at 09189659225. I want to purchase green barley and sante barley for my mother… thanks

    • grace

      hai this is grace plz contact my # i have a barley 09488150546

  • mark

    hey guys, i’m just wondering if this green barley can cure tonsillitis? i’m always having this kind of disease, 3-5 times a year and i always take anti-biotics which is bad for the kidney and liver. need comment asap, thanks!

  • jenessa

    can green barley can cure TB of the bone?paki answer po aq agad,almost 6months na po kasi she cant walk straight,help us tnx..

  • marisol canceran

    how much per bottle of this green barley? i want to purchase and try.. thanks.. pls. contact my no at 09351065581.. hoping for immediately response,, thanks,,

  • lezil macapagong

    i like green barley beacuse my bby take this if my bby have a cough ,,,now shes ok barley is amazing

  • Grace Apor Capisonda

    Where can I buy Green barley. I live in QC

  • cyra larraquel

    Where can I buy green barley? How much it is? Thanks.

  • noemi

    im planning to buy, but how do i know if the product is true, i heard there are fake barley products.

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