Guy Proposed to Girlfriend at Dubai Desert, True Love Does Exist, Watch the Viral Video

A Guy’s love proposal to girlfriend of two years while at the middle of Dubai desert goes viral after the video was shared on Facebook on November 2014. According to the guy, he does not want to do the proposal in a very fancy hotel, since they are in Dubai, he opted to proposed in the middle of a desert. This is perhaps to make the proposal simple yet more memorable as the proposal happened with only their friends as the witness.

The marriage proposal took place on July 25,2014 in a road at the middle of Dubai dessert. It happened in collaboration of the guy’s and his girlfriend’s circle of friends.

The girl arrived in the location riding a black sedan car having no idea of what is about to happen. Before the actual proposal took place, her friends showed her posters of their sort of ‘look back’ story as a couple. According to it, their love story happened on Valentines Day. Years may have passed but their relationship still gets stronger. It continues to the point where they are showing the good qualities of the girl and how it made him to be the person he (guy) currently is.indian guy proposal to girl

In few seconds, the guy arrived in a yellow Chevrolet Camaro. At this time the girl may already have an idea of what is going to happen.

Watch the Guy’s proposal to girlfriend below:

“The presence of innocence which is in your eyes has proved me again and again, true love does exist.”– Guy

In the last part of the 5-minute video the guy finally asked the girl the magic question “Will You Marry Me?” and the girl said “Yes.”

The video was uploaded by No hopes+no expectation=happiness on Facebook. Since then, it has received 126,691 likes, 181,117 shares, and 13572 comments.

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