Gwendolyn Ruais is the 2011 Miss World-Philippines (Pictures)

Gwendolyn Ruais, 21 year old from Muntinlupa City was crowned as 2011 Miss World-Philippines on (Sunday) September 18,2011 at the Philippine International Convenrtion Center (PICC) plenary hall in Manila.

Gwndolyn will represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss World 2011 pageant which whill be held Earls Court Exhibition Center in London, England on November 6,2011.

Gwendolyn Ruais will receive several prizes such as Condo Unit from SMDevelopment Corporation, P1 Million and a GMA Artist Center Management Contract.

Miss World 2011 Philippines winners:
1st Princess: Helen Nicolette Henson
2nd Princess: Martha Chloe McCulley
3rd Princess: Ma. Paula Bianca Paz
4th Princess: Jaysel Arrozal

Pictures of Gwendolyn Ruais and other 2011 Miss World-Philippines winners will be placed below shortly.


Miss World Philippines winners (from left – right): 3rd Princess: Ma. Paula Bianca Paz, 2nd Princess: Martha Chloe McCulley, Miss World Philippines 2011 Gwendolyn Ruais, 1st Princess: Helen Nicolette Henson, and 4th Princess: Jaysel Arrozal.

Some Gwendolyn Ruais Pictures:

"Gwendolyn Ruais"

Gwendolyn Ruais

"Gwendolyn Ruais Evening Gown"

Gwendolyn Ruais Evening Gown Picture

"gwendolyn ruais swimsuit"

Gwendolyn Ruais Swimsuit

Update: Gwendolyn Ruais finished 1st Runner up on the recently concluded Miss World 2011 in London.

* Credits to a friend of mine Joel for the coronation night Picture of Miss World Philippines 2011

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    The Miss World Philippines 2011 pageant on GMA was a success, albeit not without TV bloopers. The 25 candidates, out of the hundreds that came during regional screenings, were a beautiful bunch, fabulous in their swimsuits, elegant in their gowns.

    The organizers should’ve briefed the production and camera crew very well before the big night. For instance, the focus of camera on each of the candidates during their self-introduction segment was inconsistent. Some of the girls were given a close-up until they finished their spiel, while the others were deprived of the same coveted angle.

    The choreography of the evening gown segment was neat, minus the props out of which a set of three girls would be coming forward and sashay on the runway individually. If they couldn’t synchronize the doors closing on the side, it would’ve looked better off if they just utilized the one in the middle, alone. If you were looking closely on the details other than the candidates, you’d know what I mean.

    Puerto Princesa’s tourism seemed to be the agendum of the swimsuit competition. Undoubtedly, its tourist spots were worthy of being showcased since they provided a beautiful backdrop of the equally beautiful candidates who visited this so-called “The City in a Forest.” However, the swimsuit competition would’ve looked like a part of the pageant had they given space for each of the girls on T.V. screen while showing off in swimsuit onstage, rather than just let the live audiences at the Philippine International Convention Center enjoy the moment. Remember, there are more televiewers than the spectators at PICC, and we would always love to see how our bets fare in terms of catwalk and stage presence.

    I was quite surprised to see Helen Nicolette Henson alongside the other top five finalists. I knew she’s five-feet-six, but she looked taller in person, when I saw her competing at Binibining Pilipinas 2010 pageant in Araneta Coliseum, together with Maria Venus Raj. I remember she was my bet then, among the five finalists, for the Binibining Pilipinas-World title, because she was just gorgeous and smart. She was even the recipient of the Miss Photogenic award and, to me, she was the best in question-and-answer.

    At Miss World Philippines 2011, however, she looked so petite, which kind of made me dismiss my inkling that she’s destined for Miss World, that Binibining Pilipinas was not cut out for her (she placed 2nd runner-up last year), and that she’s bound to get her passport to London via MWP. Being five-feet-six is good for a girl in the Philippines. She’s just unlucky because she was standing beside her taller counterparts, let alone the eventual winner, Gwendolyn Ruais, who stands five-feet-eleven, whose height didn’t matter that much when both of them competed at Binibining Pilipinas last year, because Helen edged Gwen out of top 5.

    But this time around, Gwendolyn Ruias’s towering presence and intelligent mind will give her the right to represent our country at Miss World pageant in London come November. She may not be as seductive as first princess Helen Nicolette Henson or as pretty as second princess Martha McCulley or as regal as third princess Bianca Paz, but Gwen stole their thunder by winning the crown, one million pesos, a condominium unit courtesy of SMDC, and a lot more prizes. She might’ve been the best in question-and-answer, but I think it’s Gwen’s outstanding stature that made the judges decide that she’s the readiest girl to compete internationally. Although Henson did not get her question straight to the point, I have a feeling that she would’ve clinched the title, had she been at least two inches taller. Height is might, sometimes.

    Congratulations to Gwendolyn Ruais. With her statuesque presence, brains, and sincerity in embodying Miss World’s theme which is “Beauty in Giving,” there is a big chance that she’ll bag the first Miss World crown for our country. Kudos to pageant director Cory Quirino and her team for the very successful Miss World Philippines 2011 pageant.

  • May be this year 2011 Miss World winner will be Miss Philippines. I pray her success

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      Thanks for the support.

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