Here is How to Watch Live ABS-CBN TV Shows using iPhone and iPad for Free

I know many of you would want to watch live ABS-CBN TV shows using your gadgets, particularly iPhone and iPad wherever you are around the globe, so I would like to share this with you.

I discover this app lately because I want to be updated to the latest happenings in Got To Believe, Honesto, and many other TV series from Kapamilya Network. Just to give you an idea, I am currently out of the country for many months now. Like others, I missed the time when I could watch live TV shows from three of my favorite local channels – ABS-CBN, TV5, and GMA 7 whenever I wanted.

watch its showtime on iphone

There is TV in our place with local channels, but since we are only renting, I decided not to subscribe to Filipino channels. Instead, I search online and in app store where I can watch TV using the gadgets available –iPhone 5S and laptop. I should say, I am partially successful because I only found an app that allows me to watch ABS-CBN shows (no TV5 and GMA7 yet).

The name of the App is Philipines TV (take note of wrong spelling) by Tu Nguyen. It says it offers 70 channels which include Radio stations in the Philippines. If you haven’t got your TFC connected, you can give it a try.

watch tv on iphone watch tv on ipad

To watch ABS CBN live TV shows using your iPhone and iPad. Make sure you have a fast internet connection. Search for Philippines TV app in Appstore. Install it on your IOS device and run it.

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