Best Hospital Playlist KDrama Quotes about Life!

Hospital Playlist is the kind of Korean drama tv series that you can watch to help lighten up your mood during a tiring work or school week. The said KDrama is packed with a heavy drama, funny jokes, music, love, friendship, and sweet scenes from the characters.

Along with it are intense moments as the doctors perform different surgical procedures at Yulje Medical Center to help their patients survive the critical moments of their lives.

The Hospital Playlist will help you get an idea about the medical cases and procedures that healthcare workers encounter inside the hospital. You will have some idea about fever, liver transplant, heart transplant, biliary duct, and even brain surgery with an awake patient hahaha.

Furthermore, you will get to know about the different hospital departments such as the Emergency Department (ER), Pediatric Surgery Department, Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Neurosurgery Department, Gynecology Department, Hepato-pancreatic-biliary Surgery Department, and so on.

The name of the respective departments may change depending on the hospital. But at least, every time you pass by the Gynecology department of a hospital, you will remember Professor Yang Seok-Hyung. I hope you get what I mean.

If you have finished season 1 and, are on your way to watching season 2. Then, you already know the meaning of PICU, OR, NICU, etc. The tv series reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy, particularly of the Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Seattle grace hospital. I can say that I’ve learned a lot as I continue watching the hospital playlist Korean drama.

Aside from those that I have mentioned, I also look up for quotes and lines that the hospital playlist characters say. Why? Because I know I will learn a thing or two from them.

It’s a win-win situation because I get entertained and at the same time, I am learning from those quotes. If you are interested then here are the quotes I encountered. It is already translated into English.

The quotes you will find here can affect you in a positive way. From standing to what you think is right to know that doctors are human too. They also have feelings that get hurt if they are treated in a not-so-nice way.

source: / Hospital Playlist / TVN

Hospital Playlist Quotes and Lines in English

These quotes are arranged based on the respective characters who delivered them. It is arranged in no particular order.

I only transcribe these quotes based on subtitles as I encounter them while watching the said Hospital Playlist Korean drama series. I hope you learn something from these quotes and lines.

Professor Ahn Jung-won Quotes

  • Maam, it’s too early to be sure about anything.
  • Do you know why doctors only give vague answers such as “We can’t be sure yet,” “We don’t know yet,” and “We need to observe a bit more”? Doctors must take responsibility for their words. So we must be careful with our words.
  • There’s only one thing we, doctors, can tell our patients with certainty, “We will do our best.” That’s the only thing.
  • She must be in a lot of pain, we should let her rest now

Professor Chae Song-Hwa Quotes

  • “Your mom will watch over you from heaven, so grow into a wonderful woman.”
  • If you talk to any patient in that tone again, I will not forgive you.
  • It’s my birthday today, right? That’s great. Let’s cause some trouble today.
  • Even love requires practice (from a song).
  • Thank you for bringing me into this world! (While talking to her mother)

Hospital Director Ju Jeon Quotes

  • I suppose you really have no interest in worldly matters.
  • Its got to be more than a low chance of suffering from sequelae. Even if our reputation gets ruined for a while, the patient’s quality of life must be taken into account.

Yulje Foundation Director Joo Jong-Soo Quotes

  • The night view is awesome

Other Random Quotes

  • Mother of Patient – Do you want to go now? But I don’t want you to. If you stay here a little longer would that be too painful for you? I would like to see you a bit more.
  • Mother of Patient – I was so preoccupied with my son and his illness that I had no idea that my mother was also ill.
  • Old lady Patient – You’re still pretty like a beautiful flower. You look even prettier when you smile.


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