Housekeeping Training in TESDA: Tuition Fee, Duration, Requirements, and Schools

TESDA Housekeeping Course is one of the in-demand training programs conducted by the said educational institution. The main reason is that Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and other countries have an increasing demand for skilled housekeepers.

Housekeeping refers to performing household chores such as room preparation, performing routine maintenance, cleaning common areas, and doing laundry in either commercial establishments or private households. There are two types of housekeeping, one is commercial housekeeping, and the other is domestic housekeeping.

Commercial Housekeeping deals with household chores of commercial establishments and accommodations including but not limited to resorts, restaurants, and hotels. The jobs include providing housekeeping services, guest room preparation, room attendant, butler, laundry of guest clothes and linen, valet services, and cleaning of public areas.

Domestic Housekeeping, on the other hand, works in a private household. It can be stay-in or stay-out. The jobs include cleaning the house such as sweeping the floor, cleaning kitchen equipment, laundry, possibly performing basic cooking, and making a bed.

In this article, I will teach you steps on how to find the list of TESDA-accredited schools that offer the Housekeeping course near your location in less than 5 minutes. Aside from that, I will also share how you can get details of the school such as their address, telephone numbers, and course duration.

How Much is the Tuition Fee for the Housekeeping Training in TESDA?

The tuition fee for the Housekeeping training in TESDA is between 15000 pesos to 15500 pesos (268.35 USD to 277.30 USD) per student.

Some schools offer free training and scholarships for the course. Check the accredited housekeeping training schools near your location to know if they offer free training.

Is there a Free Housekeeping Training?

Yes, TESDA has a Free Housekeeping Course as part of its online program. The online version focuses on lessons in providing Housekeeping Services to clients/guests in the Tourism Industry. It has 6 modules which include the following lessons:

  • Providing Housekeeping Services
  • Providing Guest Room Services
  • Rendering Laundry Services to Guests
  • Providing Public Area Services
  • Providing Valet Services
  • Dealing with Misbehaving Guests

How much is the Assessment fee for Housekeeping training

The assessment fee for Housekeeping training in TESDA is around 650 pesos to 675 pesos. It depends on the certificate of competency (COC) and the full amount is 720 pesos.

  • Full – PHP 720.00
  • COC 1 – PHP 650.00
  • COC 2 – PHP 665.00
  • COC 3 – PHP 660.00
  • COC 4 – PHP 675.00

housekeeping nc assessment feeFor clarifications and updated amounts, you can inquire directly to respective assessment centers.

How long is the Housekeeping Training in TESDA?

The duration of the Housekeeping course in TESDA is between 436 hours to 611 hours. It is equivalent to 3 to 4 months of classes if you study 8 hours a day for 20 days a month excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

Generally, the duration of the training is highly dependent on the training center’s schedule.

To give you an idea, I have here some random schools in the Philippines that offer Housekeeping NC II training. They all have the same duration which is 436 hours.

  • (S.J.B.) SAINT JOHN BOSCO I.A.S. INC. in Pasig City – 436 hours
  • 1 AND ALL TECHNICAL SCHOOL, INC. in Cagayan De Oro City – 436 hours
  • 3A Prime Hospitality Training and Assessment Center Inc. in Cebu City – 436 hours
  • A.P.A. Training Skills Institute Inc. Iloilo City – 436 hours
  • Absolute Health Care Institute – Calapan, Mindoro Inc. in Oriental Mindoro – 436 hours
  • Access Balagtas Bulacan Computer and Technical Colleges in Balagtas Bulacan – 436 hours
  • Dagupan Colleges Foundation Incorporated in Dagupan City – 611 hours
  • Davao Central College Incorporated – 535 hours

Housekeeping NC III is around 76 hours or approximately 9.5 days if you study 8 hours a day. Here are some random schools that offer the NC III curriculum:

  • Anastacia College of Plaridel Bulacan – 76 hours
  • Achieve Prime Tech-Skills, Inc. in Iloilo City – 76 hours
  • Aparri Polytechnic Institute of Maura, Aparri, Cagayan – 76 hours
  • Araya Skills Development Institute Corp. or Greenhills San Juan City – 76 hours

Just to be sure, you can inquire directly to your chosen school near you about the course duration.

What are the Requirements for the Housekeeping Training in TESDA?

The requirements for the Housekeeping training in TESDA are an NSO Birth Certificate, High School Diploma (for High School Graduate), Transcript of Record (TOR) (for College Undergraduate or College Level), Good Moral Certificate, Passport picture, Marriage Certificate (for married female students), and Long Brown Envelope.

Aspiring enrollees for the course have to prepare the original and photocopies of those documents. Inquire with the school about the other admission requirements.

5 Quick Steps to find the TESDA Schools that offer Housekeeping Training

Step 1: Go to

At the right portion of the website, you will find the Quick Links. Go to the “Registered Programs.”

tesda housekeeping enrollment

Step 2: Key in housekeeping in the course you want to study in TESDA and your location

In this case, key in ‘Housekeeping’ in the course bar and your location in the location bar.

In this example, I want to know the list of TESDA accredited schools that offer Housekeeping in Davao, so I type in ‘Davao’ and I hit ‘SEARCH’.

tesda schools for housekeeping

Step 3: Get the details of Accredited Schools for Housekeeping Course

After you hit search, the list of housekeeping schools will show up including their address. Based on your location choose which among the list of schools is near you. Get their details such as school address, telephone numbers, course duration usually in a number of hours.

davao school for helpers

For sure there are plenty of schools that offer the course, but you need to consider the school location if it is just 30 minutes, or 2 hours travel time from your house. Also, take into consideration the class duration per day.

Note: You can do the first 3 steps in less than 5 minutes. Step 4 is different.

Step 4: Inquire directly to the school about other concerns

At this step, you need to exert an effort to talk to the school personnel either by phone, email, or school visit. You need to ask how much is the tuition fee for housekeeping, course outline, and also ask about the required documents.

The usual requirement is that you need to be a high school graduate before you can take the course, but there are schools that request additional documents so ask them about it.

The reason you need to ask all of these is because it is not indicated on the TESDA website.

Step 5: Start with your enrollment

After you have chosen the school that you think is best for your situation, then proceed with your enrollment.

What are the Jobs for Housekeeping Course graduates of TESDA?

The jobs for Housekeeping Course graduates of TESDA include Cleaner, Attendant, Room Attendant, Cabin Attendant, Laundry Attendant, Housekeeping Attendant, and Butler.

Which Countries have Job Openings for Housekeeping Graduates (Housekeepers)?

The countries that have job openings for Housekeeping Graduates (Housekeepers) are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Qatar, Canada, and Malaysia.


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